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Top 6 Movies About College – Prepare Yourself to a New Life

Movie Night

From the very beginning of cinema history, it has been performing not only entertaining function but also educational. Today, we can observe the situation where the entertaining movie with a superficial humor contains a profound meaning with ever-increasing frequency, pushing the audience to understand the life occurrences and reality, sometimes in a new way. In that regard, the movies equally with literature can serve as a guide to a real life, modeling different situations and supposing useful behavior models.

Way to Success. Answer: Improvement of Analytical Skills

Shining Brain in Bulb

Analytical skills are of paramount importance for study in university. Such skills are no more the privilege of techies, but also of the people who are more into humanities. On the one hand, it is underpinned with a fast-paced world where a person has to combine the different subject fields and distinctive traits and skills to be successful. For instance, a pure linguist could rise to eminence in his profession if he/she would complement his/her knowledge with specific one from the IT industry (being SEO-specialist, link-builder, or tester). However, every technical profession demands under the absence of technical education at least the analytical thinking and a huge desire to develop in the chosen field.

How to Make Your Dormitory Room Environmentally Friendly Today

Dormitory Room Environmentally Friendly

How long are you going already to be environmentally friendly: Week, month, or a couple of years? We always try to find a kind of excuse for being passive regarding such issues. The students, for example, are inclined to think that the fact that they live in a dormitory they do not have to undertake any actions regarding their way of life as far as it is not their “home” and they are not responsible for it in general. However, if you are reading this article, it means that you have already decided to change something in your style of life and we will help in it.

Appreciating Silence Is Healthy

Sunny Day

Colleagues’ conversations, phone calls, car noises, notice messengers, TV talking, radio music – these are the sounds that we hear every day and every minute, so we can say that they are a part of our life, a big part of our life that we do not even notice because of getting used to it.

Self-Destruction: Our Enemy

Happy People

Just imagine that you have a friend, who always points out your mistakes, repeats day after day that you are bad and miserable, that you will not do anything well in this life. Will you like this kind of a friend? Otherwise, he exists. His name is self-destruction and he is not your friend, but the enemy. He comes when you are in depression and you do not want to do anything. The answer how to get rid of such “friend” you will find in some prompts of this article.

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