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Essay on Early Middle Ages Scandinavian Vikings

Scandinavian Fiord

First of all, we should determine the “real Vikings.” The point is that “Viking” is the name of the profession. The profession of severe Nordic sailors, which for three centuries were spreading terror on coastlands of Europe, North Africa, Middle East, and almost everywhere not far on foot from a longship moored in a bay. While robbing, killing, and raping drew the first charts, they were the first Europeans visited North America and improved the idea of sailing at all. And the main thing about Vikings: they never wore horned helmets!

Copyright Protection: For or Against

Sign of Copyright

As you know, copyright issue became very acute with the advent of the Internet. Since the Internet is a territory with no restrictions, and any information that was posted at least once, immediately replicates on thousands of resources. Usually, Internet users do not care about your copyrights if you post some original content. When it is unknown authors photographs, drawings, comics, and so on – nobody cares. When it comes to music labels, movie studios, and most importantly – research centers and institutions that close their files – it takes a different turn: lawsuits, arrests, confiscation, destruction and further more. This problem is topical, and it has two points of view, which can be shown in an argumentative essay.

Good and Bad Ways to Handle the Stress

Student in Stress

We all know how stress feels like, although it is invisible to our eyes. This phenomenon is inextricably linked with our daily life, regardless of whether we want it or not. Student’s life is full of the stress of different types and the pressure rises more and more during each year. It is evident that stress does not have a much positive effect on our body and mind. In stress situations, we work faster, of course, but lots of people feel exhausted after or have terrible headaches. We found out some really good ways to fight stress and will tell you, which of them are better not to practice.

Early Bird Habits and Tricks

Bird Singing

Are you one of those people who is better not to be disturbed before noon? Those super active early birds are probably very annoying to you because not only they seem to be in a better mood than you, but also they get so much done while you cannot work effectively before you had your lunch. Here are a few tips and tricks to rise and shine in the morning like an early bird and be successful throughout the whole day.

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