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Top 6 Movies About College – Prepare Yourself to a New Life

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From the very beginning of cinema history, it has been performing not only entertaining function but also educational. Today, we can observe the situation where the entertaining movie with a superficial humor contains a profound meaning with ever-increasing frequency, pushing the audience to understand the life occurrences and reality, sometimes in a new way. In that regard, the movies equally with literature can serve as a guide to a real life, modeling different situations and supposing useful behavior models.

A college life has been already for a long time a fruitful environment for many modern movie directors. That is why if you are looking for the answers regarding the life and study in college, we present you TOP 6 of films depicting the student life in the truest manner.

  • #1. The Social Network

    Discover the story of Mark Zuckerberg at those times when he was just a student in Harvard University but managed to create the biggest social network for today, Facebook. Moreover, you will know the legal issues surrounding the genius. This movie demonstrates that an irrepressible desire along with a passion to your professional mission can survive despite all severities.

  • #2. Legally Blonde

    This film suits more to the girls; however, it teaches us to be a bear for punishment, even though no one does not treat you, your dreams, and aspirations seriously. The story of the blonde girl showed that a gray suit and overbearing manner have outdated. Today, you can conquest the people being on heels and with pink nails.

  • #3. Eurotrip

    Traveling Bus

    This film does not take up serious questions. On the contrary, it tries to be mad and supercool. It blows up your mind with typical American jokes and provoking scenes. Anyway, the main plot tightens around the person who flies to another continent to apologize to his beloved. I think it is rather strong example of a real man behavior even in the young age.

  • #4. The Internship

    This movie is not exactly about college because the background is Google Company that organized ф so-called campus and offered the internship to develop creativity. Film propagates the main values almost in any modern company: The importance of teamwork, belief in yourself, and humor. Moreover, the movie shows that studying is a life-lasting process and it is never late to acquire new experience and skills.

  • #5. Accepted

    Have you failed to go this year in college? Take heart and create your own university with such rules that will completely sound good for you. Is it hard to believe it can be true? Then, watch this film and ensure in it. You are no limited in your capabilities. From this movie, you will learn the various life lessons and realize the trivial reality of a student.

  • #6. The Dreamers

    The students have been always the main driving force of any revolution. When a young American student in Paris of the 60th strikes up a friendship with a French brother and his sister, he opens new reality of music, cigarettes, and films along with toxin of affection. Student period in life is always characterized with new experiments and unusual behavior; this film dip you into the atmosphere of eternal youth and lunacy.

I hope this article will be quite helpful for you and happy viewing!

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