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Self-Destruction: Our Enemy

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Just imagine that you have a friend, who always points out your mistakes, repeats day after day that you are bad and miserable, that you will not do anything well in this life. Will you like this kind of a friend? Otherwise, he exists. His name is self-destruction and he is not your friend, but the enemy. He comes when you are in depression and you do not want to do anything. The answer how to get rid of such “friend” you will find in some prompts of this article.

Exclude Your Harmful Thoughts

Sometimes we have solid erroneous beliefs, which are extremely difficult to overcome. You would think that they are a part of you, but it is not true. People by their nature are flexible and can accept any settings that appear in their minds. This ability can be useful. Track beliefs that prevent you from a good way of living: low self-esteem, lack of opportunity for change, and so on.

Ask yourself different questions, become your own analyst. For example, if you have an uncomfortable feeling in the company of people, ask yourself: "Why have I decided that shyness is my natural trait?", "What encumbers me to communicate?", "When did it start?". All your negative traits and thoughts should not be left without consideration. Avoid such answers as: "This is my fate," "There is nothing to do with this”. Remember that everything can be changed. Introspection is not limited to passive observation. After you have discovered in yourself a psychological disorder or problem, it is necessary to undertake it immediately, otherwise ultimately it can disrupt the integrity of your personality. In this case, the fight will be much more difficult. And for someone perhaps this will already become unrealistic. So, do not delay the inner work on yourself. No one will do it for you.

Make a Conscious Choice

If you choose a business, friend, a companion for life, sports or anything else, do it consciously, be prepared for anything. For example, if you want to build your own business, be prepared not only for the fact that you will have a lot of money and independence but also for a risk of failure and lack of free time. If you decide to marry, be ready to expect a loss of freedom, to have some marriage problems and occasional quarrels.

Stop Putting off

We do not do the things that scare us or the things that are expected to be boring, horrible or unbearable. To conquer fear, start with small stuff and do not think about what comes ahead. Carry out the tasks that take no more than five minutes. This way you will get rid of the fear and begin to do more complex tasks.

Destroy Harmful Convictions with Actions

In order to overcome the negative beliefs and habits, thinking is not enough, we need actions. For example, if you feel that your opinion is not valued, try to speak more often at public meetings, to propose some new ideas and express your point of view. Gradually, your negative attitude will change into positive.

Ultimate Life

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Sometimes we forget that our life can end at any time, and no one knows what will happen next. If you are not creating something worth when will you do it? Nobody can stop you to do whatever you want, but you yourself! Fasten up with the self-destruction now. You can become yourself a friend who does not give bad advice and abuses miscalculations, who can support and help you anytime.

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