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Way to Success. Answer: Improvement of Analytical Skills

Shining Brain in Bulb

Analytical skills are of paramount importance for study in university. Such skills are no more the privilege of techies, but also of the people who are more into humanities. On the one hand, it is underpinned with a fast-paced world where a person has to combine the different subject fields and distinctive traits and skills to be successful. For instance, a pure linguist could rise to eminence in his profession if he/she would complement his/her knowledge with specific one from the IT industry (being SEO-specialist, link-builder, or tester). However, every technical profession demands under the absence of technical education at least the analytical thinking and a huge desire to develop in the chosen field.

Ways to Improve Analytical Skills

#1. All You Need Is Math

Almost for any humanities student, the word “math” sounds as a curse. However, this subject, so despised in middle and high school, can assist you a lot in the development of your analytical skills.

  • Solve complicated and difficult math problems. It is preferable if they contain algebra and calculus. Such trickish problems will certainly enhance brain functions and logic skills in general;
  • Take everyday conflicts and situations as math problems to resolve;
  • Enroll in a math course in the university. Such course will surely cultivate in a great way your analytical skills.

#2. Brain Games

If the first variant is not your cup of tea, then try to play the brain games. It is an entertaining and absorbing way to train your brain and develop analytical thinking. Such games challenge your brain to resolve the problems applying deep thinking. You can play logic puzzles, crossword, riddles, Sudoku etc. Then, if you have a company of enthusiasts, you can play different board games like scrabble or if a friend of you popped by for a visit, you can suggest playing chess or checkers.

#3. Debate a Question

To articulate your ideas in a structured way, join a debate club in your college. It will be rather beneficial if you want to be able to express your ideas and thoughts in an organized and comprehensible manner. Moreover, the debate club is a perfect opportunity because there your thoughts and ideas will be constantly challenged. Your brain will have to search for a solution at the very moment.

Develop Analytical Skills

#4. Think Differently

Or let us say, expand your mind! Is this piece of advice still unclear for you? Well, it supposes a way out of a standard thinking framework. To follow the given piece of advice, start reading more books. However, pay more attention to the small details and every character separately. Try to see the situation in a novel from the perspective of all characters. It will make your mind function in a new manner.

Further, apply your new mindset to the more global issues. For example, take any current global conflict and step out from your personal persuasions and thoughts. At this moment, perceive the situation from above as an independent expert.

Even more fascinating would be to work out different scenarios of defend opposite to your personal position. For example, you are against an arm trade. Think and try to persuade your friend/opponent that there are various advantages in this phenomenon! Also, do not avoid the discussions with people who have opposite viewpoint. As the saying runs, truth is sprout in discussion.

#5. Put Your Skills to Work

After you somehow honed your analytical skills, it is a high time to test them. If we are talking about educational process, it is advisable to choose the hardest way to resolve the problems and accomplish a task. For instance, put away a calculator and make all calculations on a paper or in mind. It will sharpen your analytical skills and keep on your toes.

Then, do not hesitate to take new responsibilities, if such are on the way. If your professor proposes to make additional exercises, make them and show in the aftermath to the professor, discussing every difficult and unclear issue.

All in all, analytical skills are not the inborn feature, it can be trained like muscles in the body. If you follow our small tips, then, without a doubt, you will acquire them.

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