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Appreciating Silence Is Healthy

Sunny Day

Colleagues’ conversations, phone calls, car noises, notice messengers, TV talking, radio music – these are the sounds that we hear every day and every minute, so we can say that they are a part of our life, a big part of our life that we do not even notice because of getting used to it.

Keeping away from this noise persecution is not so easy, even for a short time. Many people have to change radically their lifestyle just to feel tranquility. They know that appreciating silence is very healthy. However, if you are not ready for this, you can start with small steps. Here are some tips that can help you learn how to do this.

Five Minutes

This task may seem simple and even funny for some people. They would think that there is nothing complicated about this thing. They are not right: spending some minutes in an utter silence, doing nothing, is really difficult. Of course, only if this is your first experience. You will notice that your brain in thirty seconds will begin to famish and plead you to do something, but you should not pay attention to it. Sooner, your consciousness will pay attention to itself and you will open to yourself a new exciting world of inner hidden feelings and emotions.

Put Away Your Phone


Try at least for a few minutes to get rid of the gadgets that have become an inherent part of your life. We are so accustomed to the fact that our life is impossible without cell phones or laptops that after waking up in the morning the first thing to do is to take a phone and the same about going to bed. Try every day at least for a couple of hours to part with your electronic mates. This will help you feel freedom and enjoy your life. Remember: while you spend your time in front of the screen, your life passes by!

Turn Off Everything

It is funny, but in the countryside or in the villages, people have a much more exciting and interesting life. Instead of playing computer games and surfing the social networks, they communicate, go for a walk, cook, count stars, eat, read or pick fruit in the gardens. Shortly saying, they are engaged in those things that we all want to do, but perennially postpone.

Buy a Good Pair of Headphones

If you cannot completely get rid of the environment noise, then at least try to seclude yourself from it. A good pair of headphones and your favorite music in the player is the best way that will help you feel calm.


Meditation is the thing that teaches to appreciate silence. It is a kind of spiritual exercises, which is aimed at our mental health, inner world and emotions. The meditators can learn to heed to the internal processes, to feel themselves, and this is possible only in a condition of peace.

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