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How to Make Your Dormitory Room Environmentally Friendly Today

Dormitory Room Environmentally Friendly

How long are you going already to be environmentally friendly: Week, month, or a couple of years? We always try to find a kind of excuse for being passive regarding such issues. The students, for example, are inclined to think that the fact that they live in a dormitory they do not have to undertake any actions regarding their way of life as far as it is not their “home” and they are not responsible for it in general. However, if you are reading this article, it means that you have already decided to change something in your style of life and we will help in it.

Tips for Your Dorm Room

Use the Used

At the beginning of the year, it is a common practice for many universities to organize the events or just to give the announcements on college’s web page regarding a buy/sell of different dormitory items (refrigerators, microwaves, couches and so on). In this way, you can arrange with your roommates and buy needed things before the study year.


Choose the smallest models of microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, griddle, and toaster. They will be less energy consuming. Do not forget to unplug them, when you are not microwaving a meal, for instance. Remember, all electro appliances continue to consume energy being plugged, even when they are not used.

You may purchase all these separately: The microwave, toaster and oven, however by consolidating these all cooking machines with an inexpensive rice cooker, you will have the ideal eco-kitchen. Such device has a high energy efficiency in respect to its huge kitchen partners.

Check Energy Star

Every time you purchase a new appliance (fridge or air conditioner), make sure they are Energy-Star Certified. It will mean that they will consume a half less energy than the usual fridge, air-conditioner, or microwave.

Green Thinking

Open the Windows

A standout amongst the most eco-friendly things you can do as a student is to stop conditioning. Numerous colleges make it truly simple for you to do by restricting AC units in dorm rooms. In any case, that does not prevent some tricky students from sneaking them in. The inconvenience is that there is a huge number of students everywhere throughout the world that implies the possibility for the countless energy consuming AC units. Rather than AC, why not have a go at opening a window or turning on a fan.

Another Light

Buy smaller lamps. The more up to date ones put out excellent light, utilize less power, and last until the end of time. This is one thing worth purchasing every time you move.

Sheets Mean a Lot

Bed linens for your place of living will make up the main part of whatever remains to purchase. When you search for sheets, blinds, or towels, go for natural cotton, if you can allow it of course. You will sit back and relax knowing it is the same old cottony goodness.

All in all, remember that there are always the variants how to save our planet, the main thing is to start finally realize them.

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