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Writing as a Favor


We all can transfer our thoughts onto the paper, so that means that we are all kind of writers, even if we do not know how to twist the plot skillfully, like Tolstoy. The habit of writing is a very useful tool for self-expression, thinking, and creativity. At the same time, we do not have to be an obsessed novelist locked up to practice writing.

How to Complete an Essay About a Movie?

Person Watching Film

Sometimes, teenagers get a task not simply to write an essay, but create a review on a certain movie. Sure, this is a kind of creative work, which demands attention and high writing skills. So, it is essential to know the main steps of making a review on a movie. This can not only bring you an excellent mark but some pleasure as well. In this article, we present some good ways of making a review, which can enlarge your knowledge about filmmaking industry at all.

Pros and Cons of Joining a Sorority


Every freshman in college meets with the issue whether to join a sorority. Both decisions may have pluses and minuses, and it actually depends on one’ goals and temper what to choose. Here is an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of sorority membership.

Social Networking: Pros and Cons

What Is Social Networking

The invention of the Internet has brought in its train the incredible changes in all spheres of human life. Today it’s even difficult to imagine what our reality would be like if the World Wide Web hadn’t been introduced to us a few decades ago.

Is Homeschooling Better than Public School

Kid Does Homework

Homeschooling becomes increasingly popular nowadays. There several reason for suchlike tendency. Firstly, many parents find educational system is deteriorating, they argue that many schools are overcrowded and each kid doesn`t get enough care from teachers. Secondly, homeschool students usually achieve better grades in various controlling tests almost in all subjects. Here are some benefits and minuses of home education which will help you to decide if it is best.

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