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As we are working for gaining perfect results we understand how important the refinements and amendments are. For this reason, we have developed the revision policy at so our customers feel comfortable with the products they receive. The first rule of our revision service is “Free revision for all the customers of!”. Find more information about the process and requests for revisions below.

  1. Sending a revision request.

    Lest you are convinced that the paper, which you received, is not perfect and there is something else to be done about it, you are able to demand a revision for the order. For this, you have to send a message to the writer with your revision commentaries and a suitable limit of time for revision. Also, you can contact our support team via email, live chat or phone and ask them to set your order on revision. Nevertheless, if you want your paper to be fixed you will need to send the revision instructions to the writer by your own so to make sure that they are correct.

  2. Revision instructions.

    The customer is able to get free revision only if the revision commentaries and requirements do not controvert to the requirements, which were sent initially. If you want to modify the instructions and get a paper written in accordance to them we will request you to pay an extra charge for revision.

  3. Free revision period.

    The customer can get as many free of charge revisions as he/she needs before the completed work is approved. We consider the papers being automatically approved after 10 days periiod past paper delivery expires. Consequently, you will be able to get your paper revised without payment within only first 10 days once the written order is delivered.

  4. Initial instruction change.

    In case you wish to modify the instructions, which you provided initially, for sure, you are able to get paper revision but the payment will be asked. The amount needed is always up to 70% and is recalculated according the percentage of changes needed and the revision deadline.

  5. The progressive delivery option.

    To make service more convenient, we are offering our customers a new option in the revision service, which is called progressive delivery. You are eligible for receiving the progressive delivery for your paper in case it has 30 pages and more. If it is your situation you are able to get the paper revised within 20 days after the first variant of the paper, that was revised, has been received.

  6. Changing the writer.

    We cooperate only with those writers, who have proved their professionalism. However, in certain cases the customer desires a different person to work on their paper than that one who was assigned initially. Certainly, we will provide this kind of service and change the person writing the task if the first one has completed at least three revisions so far and could not satisfy the customer. Also, we are waiting to get the reasons, which are true and precise, from the customer regarding the writer’s reassignment.

  7. Time limit for revision completion.

    We hope for our customer’s understanding that the correct refinement of the paper requires enough time, thus, we ask you to provide us with appropriate deadlines for paper revising. However, we have a fixed the shortest possible deadline for revision, that is 2 hours for the orders with urgent limits of time (4,8 and 12 hours) and 3 hours for orders which were placed with longer time frames.

  8. Money back rules.

    We oblige our customers to get their papers revised for at least twice before sending a refund request for their paper. At least 1 revision must be held for the orders with the urgent deadlines, like 4, 8 and 12 hours. Remember to send your refund request to the Dispute Department (DD) together with true and strong arguments for you not being satisfied with the paper completed. requires the customers to provide the least possible personal information, such as last and first names, email and phone number. The mentioned info is requested during the registration or order placement at However, in case you are unwilling to share any private details you are free to use our website namelessly.

How your private information helps at

There are several ways how we may use the personal info of the customer. Here are they:

  1. Personal account. We need certain details to get each account personalized.
  2. Developing our website. All the website’s updates are made on the basis of the customer’s wishes and feedback: we strive to make as convenient as possible.
  3. Raising the quality of our website. Once we know, which difficulties every customer faces, we are able to fix all the issues faster and more effectively.
  4. Keeping contact with the client. It is not possible to provide the highest quality product without an appropriate communications with the customer: we may need to contact you concerning the necessary additional information, clarifications and files.
  5. Transaction’s processing. We are the pre-paid service, which means that the customer is required to pay for the product after placing the order. Payment online can be made only with the help of certain personal details and payment information. guarantees that the information, which is provided by the customer, will remain confidential and will never be used for any other purposes of merchantability.

Is your information protected properly?

Definitely, yes. We use the safest systems to make sure about the data security. One of them is SSL, Secure Socket Layer, that the payment and personal information is run across it. Exceptionally the personnel, which is authorized and signed the agreement about keeping confidentiality, gets the access to the said data and codes in the database of the payment system.

We assure that no personal information like billing address, financials, or debit and credit cards and so on, are saved to our servers.

Why does use Cookies?

A number of websites apply Cookies, files that are transferred by the service provide to the customer’s hard drive for identification of the browser used and some different information. Please, note that we are asking for a permission from our customers before using these files. is striving for being aware of the customer’s needs, which is why we are using Cookies for saving the previous experience with us.

COPPA Compliance

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) is one of the principles, which we base our service on. According to this act, does not collect any info from the individuals under 13 years old. Only if the person is older than 13 years we will be able to deliver our services to him or her.

Is the customer’s information disclosed?

The information safety is assured so the client does not need to worry about its disclosure. Only the personnel, which is authorized and confirmed keeping confidentiality of the customer’s information is accessing the information. Law conforming, the rights protection and our policies enforcement are considered to be the exceptional aims for the info’s expose.

Solely the non-personal information about our clients may be shared or revealed to the other parties for advertising, research or marketing aims.

Terms and Conditions of

In order for the customer to govern our website effectively and safely we have developed clear terms and conditions of our company and explicated them in the discretion separately. There you will be able to find more materials regarding the liabilities and restrictions.

The privacy policy for online usage

This stated privacy policy is denoted exceptionally regarding the info obtained on the website online. Our company is not in authority for the data that has been gathered with the help of offline means.

The customer’s agreement to the policy

Once you use our website you agree to the Privacy Policy stated above.

Privacy Policy Updates

Our company has the right for changing, updating and making modifications of this Privacy Policy and informing the customers about it on this page.

The previous Privacy Policy update took place on the 10.10.2013.

“Company”, “Customer”, “Order” and “Product” are the most frequently used terms, which require being denoted.

The words “We”, “Our” and “Company” are referred to

“Website” is the notion used for, as well.

“Customer”, “You” and “Your” are the terms used in reference to the person placing the order at website and agreeing to the Policies and Terms and Conditions of our company. This is the customer solely who takes the responsibility for the taken decisions and getting familiarized with the policies of

“Order” is denoting the order form filling in. The paper’s instructions, requirements and other details are indicated in it. The customer is in charge for providing the order details, which are valid. The orders are exceptionally placed with the help of the order form on The order’s placement through phone, chat and email is not possible.

“Product” means the piece of custom writing (such as thesis, research paper, coursework, term paper, essay and so on) purchased by the client from The products can be received by downloading them from the personal page of the customer or they may be sent to the email per request.

Which services do we provide?

In general, is a service providing academic assistance, which is made by means of such types as proofreading, editing, business writing, rewriting, and writing from scratch. The needed service type is selected in the process of the order placement, usually at its first step. We obligate our clients to get familiarized with the Privacy, Revision, Money Back Policies and our Terms and Conditions before the order is completed and the payment is made.

Terms and Condition Acceptance

Here you can find the full terms and conditions of, which are applied to all customer’s visits and usages of our website. The customer agrees to follow our Terms and Conditions when places the order or just visits In this section the customer is able to find the complete agreement of the company and customer to our Terms and Conditions. When the order is placed, the customer is considered to confirm and accept the stated terms, conditions and policies.

Agreement Changes can modify the content of the Terms and Conditions at any time, which is explicated in the Agreement. Any time a notice about the modifications can be posted. The customer is obliged to visit the website constantly with the changes notice or the notice regarding new Agreement implementation. It means that the customer is constrained to the changes acceptance.

Site and License Access

If the purpose of the customer’s site accessing is personal, the limited license is provided to him/her. Website’s modifications are prohibited as well as the website’s information downloading. The company’s written consent is required for performing these actions.

Copying the website’s content and the website itself, as well as reproduction, selling, duplication and other commercially grounded actions are prohibited. In case you are willing to take the said actions you are to receive the written allowance from the director.

Presented Information and its Validity, Fullness and Timeliness

The information updating, completing and being accurate is not under the responsibility. General information is the purpose of the presented materials. Some historical and not current information may be found on this website, thus, it can be used for reference only. The website content can be modified without any notice to the customers. When the customer uses our website he or she must accept and be aware of the changes monitoring obligation of the

The Pricing and Description of a Product

Our product prices are explicated on the pricing page for the prices, which are retailed. The prices are not eligible for changing as they are fixed. Sometimes we apply the discounts to certain orders according to discount policy. Some items’ price is explicated in the List price. In certain cases the valid price of the product may appear higher than the one, which is indicated in the order. In this case we guarantee that the support team will contact the customer regarding the issue in order to receive or provide the further instruction or note about the order’s cancellation.

The website’s content and the website itself are not guaranteed to be update, valid, exact or reliable. In case the product, which you received, contradicts to the instructions provided, the customer is obligated to request a revision. You can find the Revision policy of, which is presented in the separate discretion.

Framings and Links

The written consent from the company is inevitable for using the company’s logo or proprietary graphics for linking purposes.

The framing of the logo, images, trademarks or any other materials are not possible without the written allowance. No content can be copied from The content, reliability, nature, and quality of the website reached with the help of the hyper link from our company’s website are not under charge of Our company is not controlling these third parties; thus, do not take responsibility for their links, contents, updates or changes. The customer here confirms that we are not in charge for external website’s content, changes, resources or links. The customer is visiting the websites at his or her personal risk only.


The customer should be familiar with the information stated below when he or she places the order:

  1. We provide all products in the particular paper formats, such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, APA and so on.
  2. If we use any sources for the completion of the paper they are cited correctly.
  3. We cooperate with the freelance writers that are working on the products for the customers. The purchased by the client product still belongs to and can be bought for the purpose of reference.
  4. The services, which are paid, are: research, gathering, performance, correction, posting and delivery of the reference material to the client. Educational access is what we work for.
  5. We prohibit changing, reproducing, creating the derivatives, distributing and publishing the products and their content if no written consent has been received.
  6. The customer must destroy or delete the product if it is no more needed for the reference or research.


The website is used on the customer’s personal risk only. The basis of the website is “as available” and “as is”. The access to the website can be restricted at any time. Any kind of warranties are declined in these terms, whether the warranties are express or indirect, together with the warranties of profitability, the certain purpose suitability, also, the warranties stating that the website’s information is enhanced, also, the warranties which are received from the performance or dealing course; the customer’s error-free access to the website and its uninterrupted character; the website being secure, the server and the website being virus-free, materials being correct, timely and full. The information downloading from happens at the customer’s own risk. The customer is solely in charge for the information and computer loss or damage, which are caused by this king of information downloading. You can use the information of the website safely but you are the only person responsible for the computer, which you are using, and its damage.

The rights of Corporate Intellectual Property

The customer accepts the interests, titles, and rights being covered by the corporate Intellectual property rights. Not acquiring of any title, right or interest is confirmed by the customer, as well, with the exception to those ones, which are fixed in this Agreement. Adaptation, translation, decompilation, disassembling, as well, as derivation of the code of source, software or documentation are prohibited to the customer. The customers attempts of creating the similar product, company or service using our proprietary info or Program are not allowed.


The customer confirms his agreement to of not reveling the information received from the company’s suppliers, members of forum, writers, customers etc. The company possesses the full materials and info of the website.

We guarantee that none of the personal information of the customer will be revealed to any party, including the guarantee of non-selling, distributing, reselling or commercially exploiting.

Rights’ Non-Assignment

The customer is not able to transfer or assign the rights of the company to the third party but the company has a right to allocate this Agreement without any notice to any person any time.


No waiver of any facility rupture made by any of the parties is considered as the waiver of the stated facility or any other facility of the current, future or previous rupture.

The stated Agreement is applied at the moment when the customer is reading the presented materials, ordering the product or just makes a visit to

Terms Severability

The facility indicated in this section with the Terms and Conditions Agreement and which appears to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to any decree of justice should be implied to the maximum possible degree that the law permits. The Agreement’s remainder must stay enforceable and correct in accordance to these terms.

Payment details:

More Information on card details storing:

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to allow us to store your card details for future use. As per our policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to such storing.

How long will card details be stored?

Card details will be stored for 400 days.

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