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Money Back Warranties at

Full satisfaction of our customers is what we work toward. Our experience on the academic assistance market is immense: delivers the best services to the clients within more than 5 years.

Due to some misunderstandings the customers may desire to get their money back and we provide them with such a possibility. Our satisfaction rate, which is more than 97%, shows that we are doing our best to meet the customer’s needs but, nevertheless, dispute cases are not always avoidable. Having a good understanding of this point we enable the customers to open disputes and promise to improve our service with every single order.

The dispute cases are reviewed by our Dispute department, the process takes from 5 to 10 days. We hope for the customer’s understanding that a good solution cannot be offered without examining all the details of the order and reasons for the dispute opening. The customer is able to send a refund request within 10 days after the order is delivered. We do not review the requests that were sent later.

Money Back Cases at

  1. Double payment. There are two forms of this case: the customer accidentally pays for 1 order twice and two identical orders are placed and only one of them is necessary. We offer a unique solution for both situations: the client must inform the support team about this issue so they can verify the information and issue one of the paid amounts back.

  2. Company has not managed to find a writer. We cooperate with more than 700 writers that specialize in different fields from art to computer science. However, in some situations (usually under a pressure of the short time limit or very complicated and specific requirements) we are not able to find a suitable writer for the paper to tackle it timely and successfully. In case this situation occurs we guarantee to inform the customer and provide the full refund. Also, discounts will be guaranteed for all the future orders made with our company.

    In case a similar issue occurs with the customer’s revision the question must be resolved with the help of our Dispute Department. When the customer requests refund from DD no more revisions are possible.

  3. The order’s delivery has been delayed. At the outset, we will need to clarify what the cause of the late paper’s delivery was. Often it happens due to the customer having not provided the needed materials or info for the order completion. In this case refund for lateness will not be offered. We request our customers to send all the files, clarifications and other info on time.

    In case the lateness is our fault the customer is eligible to ask the DD manager to recalculate the price for the order. For instance, the 4 hours’ deadline order has been late for more than 17 minutes: in this situation we will recalculate the price according to 8 hours’ deadline quote and issue the price difference back. In case the order’s deadline is 7 or more days we are able to refund up to 10% of the payment. All the refunds in such cases are issued per customer’s request only.

    In certain cases we are asking the customer to extend the deadline, which we inform about our customers in advance.

  4. The revised paper has been delivered after the indicated time frame. In this situation the customer is eligible for requested not more than 15% of the payment back. If the revision lateness is 30 minutes the customer can open a dispute on the case, which, however, will make the future revisions impossible. Our DD manager reviews every dispute case individually, which is why the solutions are various and unique.

  5. The customer claims about the paper’s quality. Although our writers are striving for meeting all the instructions of the client to the letter sometimes we still receive complaints about the paper’s quality. Here is a range of cases and solutions that we get:

    1. The preview paper’s variant has been received and has not been approved by the client so far. You will be offered an opportunity to revise your paper unlimited number of times or open a dispute on your order. When the DD manager checks all the details, order’s specifications and issues you might be offered up to 100% refund for the order. We are attempting to make the fraud activity impossible, thus, we require the customers to provide exceptionally strong arguments and valid reasons for refund. The customer’s request is examined personally, as well as an individual solution is being offered.

    2. The paper’s final version is delivered to the customer and it is approved by him/her. Full refund will not be possible in such a situation as order’s approval is considered as the client’s full satisfaction with it. We are able to offer about 30% refund in certain dispute cases of this type.

    3. The customer needs to cancel the order placed. There are several solutions to this issue:

      1. In case we did not allocate the writer for the order the customer will be rewarded 100% of the payment made.

      2. If we have assigned the writer for the assignment and half of the time limit has not passed yet the customer is eligible for getting 70% of refund.

      3. The writer is working on the order and more than ½ of the time frame passed: you can get up to 30% payment back.

      4. If the paper has been delivered to you even if the deadline has not expired yet the refund is not possible.

    4. The customer has got the completed paper but wants his/ her money back. You are welcome to open a dispute on your order if you are able to give the true and reasonable arguments for it.

    5. Plagiarism in the paper. If the customer claims about high similarity percentage detected in the paper we will require him or her to provide us with the Turnitin reports or plagiarism reports from their educational institution. All other reports about plagiarism are not accepted by our company.

    6. Additional features refund. In case the customer wants to get payment for the additional features back he or she should note that the only refundable option is writer’s category (exceptionally in cases the writer has not been allotted yet). All other additional features like writer’s samples, summary of the paper and editor’s services are not eligible for refund.

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