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Early Bird Habits and Tricks

Bird Singing

Are you one of those people who is better not to be disturbed before noon? Those super active early birds are probably very annoying to you because not only they seem to be in a better mood than you, but also they get so much done while you cannot work effectively before you had your lunch. Here are a few tips and tricks to rise and shine in the morning like an early bird and be successful throughout the whole day.

Exhaust Yourself

Activity causes activity. If you work hard during the semester, you may have noticed that as soon as the long-awaited break arrives, you are at a loss of what to do. Your body, as well as your mind, were so used to the hectic rhythm that you even find yourself a little disappointed with how boring everything is. The same could be applied to a small-scale time frame, like a few days. If you exhaust yourself during a day, it will be surprisingly easier to get to work on the next one.

Follow a Routine

Another thing you may have noticed is how on the blessed weekend for some reason you wake up without your alarm at the same time you usually wake up or even earlier. This is a fairly common phenomenon, even among those people who love to sleep. The property of sudden awakening is due to the daily need to get up early, which is gradually pawned as the main setting of our internal clock. It can frustrate you, but it is actually a good thing that means you have a special routine. If you are not used to getting up so early, make it a part of your routine. If you follow it, you are sure to get up early and be efficient even without an alarm clock because your body will remember the pattern from all the previous days.

Alarm Clock

Do Yoga In the Morning

Yoga relaxes the body and the mind and is a well-known and proven way to successfully enter a new day. You can start practicing it on weekends first, and then incorporate it into your daily routine. Any exercises will do, but yoga is more calm and relaxed and will be easier to do at first if you are not used to morning exercises. You will feel a boost of energy and be generative as an early bird every day of the week.

Warm Pajamas

Sometimes we are just so warm in our beds that we do not want to leave and set our foot outside in the harsh world. In order to skip this obstacle, make sure you are wearing warm pajamas and can survive the cold of your room easily.

Amazing Breakfast

Another way to trick your mind into waking up early is to arrange all the ingredients for a fancy breakfast on the previous day. Just imagine in what anticipation you will go to bed and with what pleasure to rise, knowing that you are expecting a first-rate breakfast. If you make yourself expect a crunchy toast with apricot jam, granola bars with greek yoghurt or pita bread with cheese and tomatoes, you are bound to wake up quicker. Make sure to have a light dinner every day, and then you will rise earlier for your amazing breakfast.

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