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Good and Bad Ways to Handle the Stress

Student in Stress

We all know how stress feels like, although it is invisible to our eyes. This phenomenon is inextricably linked with our daily life, regardless of whether we want it or not. Student’s life is full of the stress of different types and the pressure rises more and more during each year. It is evident that stress does not have a much positive effect on our body and mind. In stress situations, we work faster, of course, but lots of people feel exhausted after or have terrible headaches. We found out some really good ways to fight stress and will tell you, which of them are better not to practice.

Best Way # 1 Get Some Fresh Air

Doctors say that we should spend at least 2 hours outside every day. Why? Because it helps our body to relax, our mind to switch to affirmative thoughts. Besides, we need to receive enough solar energy as well.  Just sit on a bench and feel all the smells and sounds around you and your focus will be redirected from all your worries. Unity with nature has long been considered one of the best meditative ways of getting true relaxation. You can also combine spending time outside with doing some exercises. For example, you can go cycling for 2 hours with friends.

Best Way # 2 Rely on Rituals

We all have our every day “rituals” like walking out the dog, taking a hot bath before going to sleep, listening to our favorite playlist on our way to college. No matter what is your special ritual, this can help you successfully overcome stress

Best Way # 3 Stop Thinking!

It sounds funny, but try to get out of your head! You know this sense when experiencing stress and the only things on your mind are your problems. The best way for you is to engage yourself in activities that will turn your focus into hands or body. Why not try knitting, painting, or even climbing a wall?

Best Way # 4 Take a Bath

Water has a special ability to relax our mind and body. The best time to take a hot bath is evening. On the contrary, if you want to have more energy for a new day, start taking contrast shower every morning before going outside. That will help all your body to wake up.

Worst Way # 1 Drinking and Smoking

These bad habits will bring you some release for a moment but at the same time will suppress your immune system and bring lots of troubles with health later. Besides, with time you will need a bigger amount of cigarettes or alcohol to cope with stressful situations. You absolutely must understand that drinking or smoking will not solve your problems, but sooner or later will bring new ones into your life. And their consequences can be much more deplorable than there were those from which you initially tried to fence off by means of cigarettes and alcohol. So be careful when choosing a right way to handle the stress.

Worst Way # 2 Sleeping More Than Usual

Sometimes you want to hide in your bed and forget about all the problems you need to face outside your room. Research shows that the more we sleep the more tired we actually feel. Our body needs to sleep around 7 hours per day and sleeping more or less is not good. Also, the best way is to fall asleep around 10 or 11 P.M. rather than at midnight or later.

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