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The Advantages of the Bicycle Riding

Young Man with Bicycle

Very often dormitories for students are located far away from the educational buildings of the university. This forces students to look for convenient transportation in order not to be late for lectures. Different modes of transport have different advantages. In this article, we will consider the bicycle. This is a convenient, reliable and free form of transport. Regular cycling will make you healthy.
It's incredibly boring to go to university by bus every morning. Moreover, it is very expensive. Tickets for bus often become more expensive due to the fact that fuel becomes more expensive. In addition, sedentary lifestyle is very harmful for health.

Bicycle Is the Best Form of Transport

Under these conditions, bike is the best mode of transport for young people. When you ride on it to university in the morning you can enjoy fresh air and look at the blue sky. You are cheerful and fun. Cycling can be a sport, a hobby and a vehicle. It is completely safe for the environment and requires no fuel. Moreover, the two-wheeled transport is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, it can be acquired by every student.

Traffic Jam Is Not a Problem for You

Morning traffic in large cities is often paralyzed by traffic jams. That is why most people are late for work in the morning. When you ride a bike, you calmly ride past vehicles and get to the university in time.

Traffic Jam and Bicycle

Bike Is Our Two-Wheeled Doctor

Riding the bike is very good for health. We can say that the bike is our two-wheeled doctor. If you ride a bike, you have to move actively. This is very useful for your body. In particular:

  1. Cardiovascular system. When you ride a bike, your heart muscle has an active training. This is required when you lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. The nervous system. Slow ride outdoors calms your nerves. You become more resistant to stress.
  3. Respiratory system. Sport exercises improve your lung ventilation. Riding a bike is a great prevention of the respiratory diseases.
  4. Musculoskeletal system. Riding a bicycle trains many muscles of the body. For example, with the help of the bicycle we can train leg muscles, back muscles, press. If you ride a bike regularly, these muscles are constantly trained and are very strong. Besides, riding strengthens your joints and tendons.
  5. Metabolism. Riding a bike burns body fat not worse than running. You will quickly become slim and beautiful without the help of drugs or diets.

Riding a Bike Is a Fascinating Sport

There are many fans of cycling in the world. Moreover, this is an Olympic sport. The best cyclists in the world are very well-known people. So try your hand at cycling. Perhaps, your results will not be worse than the results of Lance Armstrong.

Warm Up Before You Go Cycling

Before cycling you have to warm up every time. This will help you avoid injuries, sprains and muscle pain.

Cycling Helps Us to Relax and to Open the World

You can ride a bike not only to the university. On the weekend you and your friends can organize cycling on nature. You can also visit other countries with the help of the bicycle. When we visit other countries, we have new experiences, new friends and a familiarity with a unfamiliar culture.

 Thus, bike is a universal form of transport. It is suitable for adults and for children. If you ride a bike, you can easily get to the University. And also you can travel with your friends. If you often ride a bike, you will be happy, healthy and active.

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