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Reasons Why Pitbulls Should Be Banned


It is a controversial question if Pitbulls have to be banned or not. Owners of such kind of dog say that they are friendly and loyal, great protectors of a house and children mates. Other people claim that these animals are very dangerous and give a lot of examples when they attacked innocent people. It is a complicated issue if you have never met such pets. However, with no exaggeration, it can be said that the major culprit in such event is the dog’s owner. Here are several arguments which support this statement.

No Education

Very often, the owner doesn’t pay enough attention to the dog’s education while it is small and cute. However, after Pitbull grows up and becomes a strong and fast animal, man has nothing to deal with it as it is quite hard to train an adult pet. As a result, dogs don’t know any commands, they don’t care about things their owner asks them to do. Such animals may be really dangerous in public places as no one can stop them from hurting people or other animals. That way, the behavior of Pitbull fully depends on its temper and cannot be controlled by anybody.   

No Leash

Many owners don’t care about the leash and walk with their dog in parks without using it. There is no wonder that aggressive acts happen and cannot be prevented. How can one save himself from an uncontrolled animal? Sometimes, proprietors are too sure in their dogs’ loyalty and tameness and let them run around with no leash. When Pitbull sees something interesting or annoying, it doesn’t react to owner’s commands and acts on his own. In these events, only the owner is guilty because of irresponsibility and overconfidence.

Specialty of Breed

A lot of people while taking small Pitbull to their house don’t understand how responsible they should be. Before deciding to get one dog of this breed, a person should be aware of its temper features at least. It is true that Pitbull may be more aggressive than other dogs, and their physical characteristics are amazing. One has to think a lot before taking this pet home; maybe, it is better to choose a calmer, smaller and quieter dog. It is crazy to see a thin woman trying to deal with a powerful Pitbull on the street. Sure, she can’t control it well, and it is really dangerous for others.

Pitbull Walking


Sometimes owners are too aggressive and impatient towards their pets, they demand their dogs to learn commands in a second, be always docile and calm. People beat and shout at their animals. Consequently, Pitbull may become truculent and uncontrollable. Such dogs are hard to reeducate as they are embittered on mankind at all.

To sum up, it is true that Pitbull can be a nice friend, it is loyal and stalwart. Nevertheless, without special training, it may become an uncontrollable killer, dangerous for both people and animals. A violent behavior of masters leads to terrible backwashes as well. 

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