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4 Nice Books for You to Enjoy This Fall

A Pile of Old Books

Scientists have proved that each of us needs at least a few hours a day which we could devote only to ourselves. No, these are not those six or seven standard sleeping hours. This is the time when nobody and nothing can bother you. This is when each second belongs only to you and only you can decide what to spend it on.

So if you feel like you’ve definitely got about sixty minutes at your own disposal, turn this period of time into real leisure and reach for a book.

Why Reading?

Of course, there are dozens of other ways to entertain yourself when you have some time to do it. However, reading is probably the most relaxing and even comforting type of activity to choose for a quiet fall evening.

  • When you’re reading, your thoughts and consciousness gather around the characters and events in your book. Therefore, by diving in the depth of the plot and experiencing the same feeling as the characters you can redirect your attention from your personal worries and have some rest from them.
  • While reading your imagination can draw you any picture of the character, object, place or scenery described on the pages. Agree that it’s gonna be much better than watching a movie about the same story.
  • The process of reading benefits a wide range of your mental skills, such as attention and the ability to focus on one subject or activity, memory, the ability to absorb and analyze the information, again imagination, etc.

So What to Read?

A Girl Reading a Book

Below you’ll find a few nice fall stories to spend your day or evening with and within. Pick some and enjoy your time!

Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris

The whole story seems to be slightly pervaded with the tarty mellow flavor of this beverage. It doesn’t make your head so heavy that you want to sleep. It just warms you with a hint of magic and alchemy, inspires you with the hope for happiness and ensures that everyone who seeks finds.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This book is definitely going to be your choice if you don’t mind classic novels stuffed with mysteries and riddles. It was highly appraised by many critics and has become the world’s bestseller. Be ready that the author keeps her secrets to the very end so it might be a little challenging to tear yourself apart from this tale.

A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

If you want to meet Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein and other characters of all times, pick this book. Perfect humor and light style of the novel will literally turn your fall day (or evening) into a fabulous adventure.

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

With this book you can dive deep into that magic Halloween atmosphere any time of the year, though a fall evening would be especially suitable for this literary masterpiece. It will give you a nice chance to escape from here to the magic world. Bet, you won’t want to come back.

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