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Being Vegetarian: Pros and Cons

Healthy Food

Today, vegetarianism is becoming a part of life for more and more people. They choose such practice because of various reasons: someone wants to be fit and healthy, others fight against animal killing. Despite all, vegetarianism has its nuances about which you should be informed. For a start, there are several undisputed pluses of this nutrition.

Become Healthier

Vegetarian dieting can be much healthier than nutrition of average person; it will definitely revitalize your body. As we know, nowadays most people don`t pay enough attention to the eating regime; their nourishment includes saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Eating such kind of food leads to the heart diseases, adiposity, cancer and so on. Vegetarianism, per contra, offers you a possibility to refuse the animal fat and cholesterol. Instead, you will eat more complex carbs, vegetables and fruits.

Be Fit

It`s true that vegetarians mostly look better than people who often have a piece of beef for a dinner. Without any doubt, the vegetarian diet is low-cal. It is a nice and simple way to work off your excess weight, and you will not feel hunger and be able to eat tasty food. There are several researches which prove this opinion.

Save Animals

That`s one of the main reasons why to refuse meat. Millions of animals are killed at butcheries; moreover, their living conditions are amoral. Farm animals are kept in small yards, and they can`t even move freely. That is unnecessary to kill so many animals for food as humanity can gain nutrients from other sources such as beans, cereals, nuts etc.

It Is Cheaper

Simple calculations will tell us that vegetarian diet is less expensive than one which includes meat. Instead of buying a few kilograms of pork, you can get a lot of vegetables, or you can even grow them in your own garden. Instead of meat, you can use soybeans, for example, as it is rich in protein.

Unfortunately, vegetarianism has several disadvantages as well. Be attentive before starting this practice.

Medical Indicators

You need to notice that becoming vegetarian is a serious change for your organism, and it even may have some bad effects. Consult with your doctor at first, as you may have such diseases as diabetes or just lack of proteins. Don`t forget that any diet has to be started smoothly.

At the Restaurant

Sometimes, you may meet difficulties while visiting restaurant or cafe as not everywhere a vegetarian menu exists. It will take you more time to choose a meal, and it is really bad if you have a short break.

Person at Restaurant

Less Nutrients

Of course, you can gain minerals from plant sources, but some fats and vitamins exist only in meat and fish. What`s more, protein from beans is harder to absorb for our organisms. Meat is easy to find and prepare; furthermore, it can be almost fully absorbed.

To sum up, vegetarianism has many for and against arguments. It is a kind of decision which you should make after looking round. Don`t forget that before choosing this diet, you have to consult with a specialist to be sure that it`s not dangerous for your health.

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