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How to Choose Goal and Find the Idea for Your Startup?

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How to set a goal and find an idea for your business? Two correct answers to these questions, in fact, are the basis of any successful undertaking. Below, there are 10 universal ways to help you better understand not only what you really want, but also in what direction you should move in order to wake up one day as the owner of a successful company.

What Should You Know About American Healthcare System?

Physician Examining Patient

Spending a half of my life in the past in America, I can say with full confidence that you never know what can happen to you. You can catch a trite runny nose or, slowly passing the road, be knocked off by a rally driver. In any case, when I broke my arm and got to the emergency room, the first thing I heard was the question about my coverage… well, and how I felt of course.

The Role of Subcultures in the Life of Young People: 3 Points of View

Diversity of Views

Recently the ways of considering what social phenomena are subcultures, what impact they can have on youngsters and what role they play in their lives are becoming more and more diverse and – to put it mildly – far from unity. Despite this fact and after having analyzed the most common ideas, we will try to split the difference by choosing and thinking over the most popular statements referring to the topic from people of different age, background and social status. So, let us look at the matter in three ways.

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