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Physical and Mental Activities: How to Combine Them?

Tired student

Work is a fundamental element of human existence. Life is unthinkable without difficulty, and especially the life of a student. Scientific evidence shows that from active pastimes often arise depression, loss of the meaning of life. If you are a student, you know what that means. Classes from the morning until the evening, an enormous amount of homework, constant lack of sleep, and how can students deal with all of this?

Tips for Freshmen in College

Lecture in College

Of course, the first day in a new place is always exciting and enthralling, however, certain trivia can make it a displeasing one. This happens because usually freshmen don't realize how to act on campus, as most things they have known are completely different there. Here are some pieces of advice which will make you first college day unforgettable in the best sense.

Writing as a Favor


We all can transfer our thoughts onto the paper, so that means that we are all kind of writers, even if we do not know how to twist the plot skillfully, like Tolstoy. The habit of writing is a very useful tool for self-expression, thinking, and creativity. At the same time, we do not have to be an obsessed novelist locked up to practice writing.

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