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Three Principles of Long-Term Thinking

Decisions which you take today, influence your life in future. If nowadays you spend your time doing useless things, you won’t be able to reach career and life success

Long-Term Plan

If now you waste your money, then in a few years you will probably have to get into debts. If one spends less time with your children now, they won’t have trusted relationships with their descendants after they grow up. If you waste your time for useless things now, you won’t be able to proceed in life and career.

This is why thinking about your future is important.

  • 1. If Something You Do Today Will Not Be Useful in Future, You Shouldn’t Do It at All

    If you can not state precisely, what result this or that action will bring in future (in some months or years), then it is not worth doing at all. This principle works in any field and live aspect.

    For instance, when you go eating, your short-term thinking says you to put on the plate as many of the tastiest food as possible, though this will harm you in a long-term perspective. It would be more useful to eat different meals, but not to overeat.

    Or when you think what to do in the evening, your short-term thinking says you to relax, to surf the net or to watch movie series. But in long-term perspective, it would be much more useful to spend time with family or friends, to pass online-courses or to read, to go in for sports in order to strengthen your health, or to do some home tasks you won’t have time for later.

  • 2. Thinking of Future Does Not Mean Suffering in Your Present

    You just need to find another approach towards your habits. For instance, you want to lower your exes. This may seem very difficult at the beginning. But you need to try various strategies of finance control and to understand which fit personally you.

    If you want to spend your free time in other way, try finding something that gives you pleasure and possibility to develop yourself instead of your regular activities. Anything else is just not worth of your time.

  • 3. Estimate Your Choice on Purpose and Don’t Be Afraid to Criticize Yourself

    We are all likely to think in a short-term perspective. It helped our ancestors survive. But nowadays, such model of thinking can be an obstacle for modern humans.  

    Thinking Human

    This does not mean you are to think about the future only all the time. Sometimes it is useful to make a step back, to estimate your actions, to think why you act in that precise way and to try doing something better.

    For instance, you can think on your everyday decisions while going to your university or office, or doing something that does not require you to be fully concentrated. Just remind yourself about everything you’ve done recently and estimate how these actions influenced your future. If you do not find any positive consequences, or there even are negative ones, think how you could spend your time in a more effective way instead.

    Another way is to provide notes. Devote couple minutes per day to estimate your actions and mistakes. Think how to make useful actions become your habits, and what to do in order to stop making this or that mistake. 

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