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Yellow Press: Is It Evil or Not?


"Yellow press" is something that nobody expects hearing about. A situation often happens when we arrive at some point of our journey and we have to wait a long time for the departure of the next transport. The phone battery is almost down. That is obvious – we have nothing to do... Suddenly we see a small shop with a bunch of magazines and newspapers. Businesses already took care of the entertainment of the passengers - by putting a stand with press near the waiting room.

Demand Is Important

There you can have newspapers that satisfy every possible taste. Nevertheless, some newspapers are grabbed almost immediately, while others are staying in the shop for a very long time. What is the difference between them? It turns out that today's readers have little interest in the usual social or political events, they are attracted by sensations, shocking news. Where they can be found if not in so-called "yellow press" which supplies us with the reports of the stars of show business, details of brutal murders and medical discoveries?

Why Are They Popular?

People Reading Newspapers

Newspaper materials of this type of press are oriented to supply more information than highlighting its authenticity, and act on the principle of "know – write, do not know – speculate or use imagination." The main feature is their complete freedom of expression about all that used to be secret – motives of the death, talks on sexual themes, invasion of privacy, private photos.

However, all this can be found in any newspaper, you might say. And to some extent, you will be right. "Some" – because between the "yellow" and "serious" media there is still a difference. First, the style of writing. Because the same information can be presented in different ways. A message in tabloids style is clearly closer to the conversational and easier to understand. What would be interesting to the readers? Of course, the message that has a deeper effect on their emotions and feelings.

What Else?

In addition, a quality newspaper can be distinguished from the "yellow" really easily. The first thing that attracts attention – bright colored covers and huge glaring headlines of content. Against this background, another newspaper with its blue-black palette and with a modest message about economic problems appears pale and uninteresting. After turning pages of both species of newspapers that feeling only intensifies. As for the content of messages, the major newspapers analysts tend to highlight multiple versions of the event. "Yellow press" is in most cases describes one that is the most sensational. Unbelievable? Nevertheless, interesting.

How Long Will It Work?

"For every product there is a buyer" is a general rule. People want to relax, escape, and these "serious" newspapers write: "Everything is bad, the Parliament does nothing, no one shall come to the rescue." They will only spoil your mood for the day. Journalist of tabloids write all sorts of gossip, and do it consciously and purposefully. The reader knows exactly what the yellow press is – a continuous lie, and buys it. It means that the author and the reader know that they create and buy lies.

It seems like the yellow press is needed by three entities: firstly, the reader, which needs a reason to have fun, and secondly, a journalist who gets the money and, thirdly, the powers behind this – politicians, actors, show business stars, who want to increase their popularity. No matter how hard the champions of truth eradicate the yellow evil, it cannot be removed until there are those who gain benefits from it.

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