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Unusual and Weird Universities: Get Ready for Surprises!


Check on the most specific universities from various countries.


The Institute of Literature named after A. M. Gorky is the world's only university that teaches to write novels and poems. The Institute has departments of poetry and prose, at the end of which, the graduates receive the qualification of the literary worker which can be applied in various fields – from proofreader to editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine. Choose the poetry department if you want to improve your poetic skills, or prose department if you have a soft spot for writing novels. Despite the fact that this specialty is not very popular in our times, the competition in the university is up to 20 people for one place.

Novosibirsk Institute of the studies of the activities of Magicians and Healers. Do you want to be a wizard? Well, there is a great place for you! You just must have certain abilities which you can develop during the training course. The subjects that teach here will make the students of the other universities turn green with envy: "ESP," "Fundamentals of Magic," "Old Russian Conspiracy," "Voodoo Rites" and other subjects equally unusual. For sure, unusual universities in the world took into their ranks something supernatural! The main condition for admission is the demonstration of your abilities and the proof of their naturalness. They say the Institute was opened in 2010, but only a few people know about its existence and activity. Maybe, it was just a hoax?

Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship, this is the University located in Moscow, and it is one of the leading Universities of the Russian Federation. And there are a lot of specialties in various fields, as in other universities. Here you can become a journalist, lawyer, and economist. What is unusual, you ask. It is the most international university in the world: there are nearly 30,000 students; the University can count more than 450 nationalities and ethnic groups. There are students from 158 countries of the world. If you study on a contract basis, the cost of training will range from 100 000 to 240 000 thousand rubles per year.


Ice Cream

Carpigiani Gelato University: this unusual University is located in the Italian city of Bologna. There you have to pay a very considerable fee – for about $1,000 per week, and you will learn how to make the most delicious ice cream in the world. The students here are taught to make ice cream with the usual flavors: chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and very exotic tastes of cheese, fish, Basil, red wine. You will have to study there for four weeks to master all the nuances of this course.


Cyber University

Japan Cyber University is the educational institution where entering and studying are only possible through the Internet in on-line mode. The University has two faculties: the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of "World Heritage," where you can study the preservation of the world's values. One thousand and two hundred students can study there. After four years of studies, the graduates receive the bachelor's degree.


University of Santiago de Chile is a very interesting place to study. After much reflection, the University administration decided that there should be a lot of experts in the paranormal phenomena in the country and then, the University began training the specialists in UFOs. After completing a full course of education, the graduates are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. Since its opening in 2005, this University is the world's only University that trains specialists in UFOs.

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