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Writing as a Favor


We all can transfer our thoughts onto the paper, so that means that we are all kind of writers, even if we do not know how to twist the plot skillfully, like Tolstoy. The habit of writing is a very useful tool for self-expression, thinking, and creativity. At the same time, we do not have to be an obsessed novelist locked up to practice writing.

Writing Is Useful for Health

A big part of the research, associated with the feeling of happiness, concerns expressive writing – records of your thoughts and feelings. The most obvious example of expressive writing is keeping a diary. Thus blogging has the same therapeutic effect as the written diary itself.

Hard Times

A study conducted among the recently fired engineers proved that those workers who regularly wrote and expressed their thoughts on paper had found a new job quickly.

The participants noted that while describing the experiences that they could not share with anyone, they did not deny the difficulties and tried to accept them and get through them.

When you write about some traumatic experiences, you get rid of the feelings of depression. However, it would take at least six months to feel the full benefits of this activity.

At the same time, you cannot force yourself if you are not ready to get rid of negative emotions. It should occur naturally and bring satisfaction to the person who is engaged in it.


Pen and Paper

The authors of another research indicated that the testees who wrote something at least once a week looked with optimism at their future and were more motivated.

However, there is one "but": if you write every day, there will not be a noticeable difference in your life. It is obvious because in every aspect of your life you engage in activity too often and without a sincere desire, it bore you pretty quickly.

Memory and Thinking

The information is easier to remember when you realize that it is important, and you write it down in familiar words.

Writing will require self-discipline and self-organization: you should always be focused, trying to find new sources of information, inspiration and knowledge.

When you search for new ideas, you develop your intellect, ability to analyze and research work, learn to dig to the bottom and find the topics that concern you personally. Taking time to write, you will find out how to solve problems easily!

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