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How to Make People Think You Are Trustworthy?

Sometimes you may notice how some people naturally get something that you have more rights to. They don’t seem to have any special skills, but are just magically winning the trust of other people. What is this sort of magic? Is it possible to learn it without going to Hogwarts for a lesson?

Always be calm

A trustworthy person is calm and self-confident. He radiates simplicity, openness and makes you feel like you’re secure and at home. Have you noticed that the more nervous you get, the least people want to help you? Of course it doesn’t mean that you should be careless, the important thing is not to make a mountain out of a molehill.


Be attentive of how you look

It’s not the brand quality clothes that show what kind of person you are, but your ability and skill to wear it according to the situation. You should never forget that a sloppy outfit would make people think you treat your life carelessly as well. Also no clothes will convince of your confidence if you slouch. Stand upright and smile, and people will be more open to you!

Talk when it’s appropriate

Unnecessary blabbering and extra information prevent a person who doesn’t know you that well from trusting you. Say only what you need to say, and if it’s possible, it’s better to ask questions and let the other person talk. If you have some kind of idea, just say it, without circling around and muttering apologies.

Be well-wishing

Just think about it, would you want to deal with a judgmental, envious and selfish person? Nobody wants to listen to others complaining all the time. Moreover, if they see that this person tends to wish bad things to others behind their back, there is a possibility they are not sincere with you as well. On the contrary, a benevolent person will make you feel like being open with them, as you’re sure that there will be no negative consequences and mean words chasing you.

Mind your gestures

If you pursue an aim to make a person trust you in the shortest time, keep in mind that mirroring their posture and gestures will make them more friendly and give them an impression that you understand them. However, be careful, you don’t need to scratch your neck every single time when they do, because this kind of copying will look like you’re making fun of them.

Mind your gestures

Who would you rather trust?

  • Those who are self-confident, charismatic people, who are able to find a solution even if they’re not prepared.
  • Those who have something in common with you.
  • Those who say what you want to hear from them.
  • Those who are believed to be experts.
  • Those who openly mantain eye-contact, because you feel like they are not hiding anything.
  • Those who are the first to share personal information.
  • Those who know how to make you feel more important.
  • Those who have a pleasant and tidy appearance.

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