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Sociology Essay Prompts

Sociology is a discipline, which includes a lot of branches for studying as it deals with people, their groups and activities. One essential peculiarity of sociology papers is that they are often based on various investigation tools like surveys and questionnaires. They are typically used for research papers or dissertations and their results are attached to the whole research as appendices. However, if you need to write just a short essay it will be much easier as usually you will not need to conduct a very deep research. Here we have prepared several essay prompts for sociology.

Essay prompt #1. Gender Inequality

Man VS Woman

Introduction: As the introductory part is meant to open the topic you can start with the historical overview of the issue or provide a current example that you have viewed in order to catch the reader’s attention.

Thesis statement: Structure your thesis basing on your opinion whether you agree that gender inequality takes place nowadays, or if you think that this issue does not exist now.

Main body: Here you will have to explicate your arguments about the gender inequality. Review various aspects of it like gender inequality at the workplace, or different duties and behaviors of males and females in family. An interesting facet is the review of girl’s and boy’s behaviors at school.

Conclusion: Basing on your proofs make a conclusion about the form of gender inequality concerning your assessed aspect.

Essay Prompt #2. Social stereotypes.

Different professions

Introduction: Start with the general definition of stereotypes and your understanding of it? What is the process of stereotyping and why are we getting into its trap so often?

Thesis: Evaluate the role of stereotypes and their influence on an individual or a society overall.

Main body: In order to develop your arguments you can answer the following questions:

  • What are the roots of stereotyping?
  • Why do people keep on creating new stereotypes about various nations and social groups?
  • Do stereotypes make our perception of others more positive or negative?
  • What are the factors that break the stereotypes?
  • Should we insist on impeding the process of stereotyping?
  • Does stereotype help us to create our opinion regarding something?

Conclusion: Summarize your arguments; if there were some very bright examples of stereotypes or their breaking you can mention them in conclusion, as well.

Essay prompt #3. Social groups

Introduction: Try to provide your explanation of a concept of a social group. Think about the basis and reasons of their assembling.

Thesis: Depending on a purpose of writing that you pursue, state your point about the variety / reasons for arising / distinguishing and similar characteristics etc.

Main body: consider the following questions:

  • Is the division of society on certain groups natural or is it caused by some external reasons?
  • Which social groups are based on age?
  • Social groups that are based on profession / occupation.
  • What are the factors that join people into groups?

Conclusion: Restate your thesis statement and mention your arguments about the social groups being a natural process characteristic for society or not.

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