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Is Homeschooling Better than Public School

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Homeschooling becomes increasingly popular nowadays. There several reason for suchlike tendency. Firstly, many parents find educational system is deteriorating, they argue that many schools are overcrowded and each kid doesn`t get enough care from teachers. Secondly, homeschool students usually achieve better grades in various controlling tests almost in all subjects. Here are some benefits and minuses of home education which will help you to decide if it is best.

More Freedom

It is maybe the major advantage of homeschooling. Children don`t have to wake up early and can have plenty of sleep, as sometimes schools are located far from their houses. Moreover, students while studying at home can rest enough, they don`t spend all free time making a homework and preparing for classes. In contrast to ordinary schools at home students are allowed to wear what they like and they are not limited by the boring uniform. Education becomes as flexible as it can ever be.

No Danger

Almost in every news report terrorism is mentioned. Very often such acts happen at schools, so parents can never be sure that their children are in safety. Homeschooling solves this problem. Furthermore, pupils can be disparaged by their fellows and it hurts them badly. In some cases, kids even become the subject of jeer for the whole class.

Individual Access

It is clear that most of schools are overcrowded now, thereby pedagogues don`t pay enough attention to each student and they are on their own. Nobody cares if one can grasp and memorize the given material as schoolman has an educational plan and his task is giving intelligence to the group but not for each kid separately. Homeschooling per contra gives an opportunity to learn things deliberately in accordance with child`s abilities. In addition, students are allowed to learn subjects they like, it is quite different from what common schools offer us.

Family is Together

While parents are working and kids studying at public school, family has no time to be gathered together. So there are few common dinners and traveling less. Moreover, homeschooling gives a chance to take a holiday and spend it teamwise.

Developing of Individuality

It is true that home education helps to develop many positive character qualities, such as intelligence, gumption and creativity in solving any issues. Kids become more independent and smart as they need to make all tasks on their own and there is no chance to copy somebody`s work. Home students aren’t influenced by teacher`s or classmates` ideas, they learn how to think and voice their opinion. It gives a lot of benefits in college.

Work for Knowledge

In regular schools most children care more about their marks not for knowledge. They memorize something for the test in few days and after passing it forget all material. At home students labor to gain attainments and they clearly understand that it might be helpful in the future.

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Opposers of homeschooling claim that kids can`t communicate with their fellows while educating at home. Truly it is disadvantage, but on the other side they are protected from bad companies` impact. Parents shouldn`t worry, that their child can start smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs at an early age.

Summing up, homeschooling is good idea for ones with special needs or bad behavior but great mind. Parents have to weight all pluses and minuses of it while deciding if their kid should go to public school or educate at home.

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