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High School Student: Things You Don't Have to Stress Over

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High school: a place where grown up life begins, a place where we learn how to make friends, how to achieve success, how to find your true calling, etc. Some students absolutely adore their schools and some hate it just as much. But no matter what your feelings are, it will surely be the biggest and the most substantial experience in your life. It will teach you a lot of useful lessons that you will use throughout all your future life. How to be assured you don't waste your time worrying about unimportant matters? Here are 3 things you don't have to be stressed about being a high school student:


A lot of students think that having romantic relationship in high school is the best thing in the world and it would somehow make them the coolest people among their peers. Often those who don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend feel like total losers and make it the goal of their life to find a mate. You don't have to be obsessed with this idea, and don't let the thought of finding love take you away from the matters that are really important. Just try to have a clear understanding that the chances for you to meet the love of your life being a school student are very small, as such cases are too rare and your tastes will surely change with time. Besides, having a boyfriend/girlfriend while trying to prepare for the exams might be a distraction.

Being Good Enough

Remember one important rule – it doesn't matter what others think about you, you shouldn't be adored by everyone as this is simply unreal. No matter how hard you try to change yourself, there sure will be people who don't like you. Don't think that if you buy the same clothes or gadgets as those hot-shot guys from your school it will make you one of them. Start acting independently, behave in a most comfortable way, raise your confidence, carefully explore yourself and you will see that there are people who like you for what you are. High school is all about teaching you to become confident and independent. Changing yourself in order to be liked by others, and by you own true self is the natural way of every human being!

Being Picked for Things

High school is very competitive, it is full of different elections, trying-outs, contests, etc. And often after not being picked up for some head position students start to think the problem is in them and begin beating themselves up over the fact that other people got this position and they didn't. Think this situation over from the other side: maybe that position just wasn’t meant for you. You didn't become the head of some club so maybe it was a sign for you to start your own? The good thing about high school is that it always gives you a chance to find new solutions in any situation, and that it makes you discover different aspects of your personality.

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