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Argumentative Essay about Robots: How to Write?

Argumentative essays are a powerful tool for persuading your reader to agree with your point of view, accept your beliefs or approve your behavior. If you need to write this type of essay on a specific topic, you have to view it from a personal point of view and take your stand regarding this problem. Let’s assume that the topic you are writing on is: “What are the pros and cons of robots becoming a part of our daily lives?”. Pick up your pen, and start with a simple outline, which consists of four stages: introduction of the argument, ideas supporting your argument, opposing ideas with follow-up refutations, and a conclusion. Here is how to write it all out.


In this part, you need to clearly state your opinion. Even though you may use your personal experience and strong definitive words, try to avoid such expressions as “I believe”, “In my opinion”, “I think”. They show your point of view, but this tints your argument with an area of doubt. Consider these example sentences for your essay:

I am in favor of robots becoming a part of human’s everyday lives.

Humanity will benefit greatly if robots were to become their companions.

The pros

Now you need to get into the shoes of an eloquent lawyer. What can you say in favor of your argument? Your client needs a strong defense, so list your point of view clearly and self-confidently. Ideally, in order to persuade someone, you will need powerful quotations from reliable sources, statistics data and analysis. To put it simply, you could write a sentence like this to support your argument:

Robots would help taking care of old people, as there are already examples of pet robots who keep company to the lonely ones.

I am sure that robots could significantly help humanity with washing up, cleaning the house and looking after the kids.

With the help of robots, humans could focus on important tasks, instead of household chores, which now take up to 30% of a person’s free time, as statistic shows.

Robot with a broom

The cons

This part is for the opposing arguments. You need to imagine someone who completely disagrees with you, and what they might say to bring you down. Immediately, focus on crushing their statements with logical, unquestionable and reliable refutations, so the judge will make up his mind quickly about who is the winner of this case. The important thing is to present the refutations after the opposing arguments, to enhance the effect your essay will have. For example:

Even though opponents of robots claim that advanced robot technology may bring unemployment, it is an insufficient claim, since there will always be creative field that would require human employment.


Your conclusion is the last strike that you will give your opponent. Briefly sum up all the pros of your idea, and finish up on a positive note to leave a good impression on the reader of your paper.

In conclusion, this is why robots would be a good addition to help ease the mundane tasks of people’s lives, and bring a brighter future for humanity.

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