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Physical and Mental Activities: How to Combine Them?

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Work is a fundamental element of human existence. Life is unthinkable without difficulty, and especially the life of a student. Scientific evidence shows that from active pastimes often arise depression, loss of the meaning of life. If you are a student, you know what that means. Classes from the morning until the evening, an enormous amount of homework, constant lack of sleep, and how can students deal with all of this?

Mental and Physical Activity

Let us start with the fact that there are two kinds of activity: mental and physical. There is no doubt that these activities are significant and helpful. The mental activity of a person is the ability to perform a certain amount of work, it is anything that stimulates, activates your brain. The physical activity is the ability to carry out the maximum possible amount of physical work. However, what kind of physical activity can you do if you are a student? As a consequence of your study and brain activity, you are certainly very tired.

Mental Fatigue

Fatigue is a physiological state of a person, occurring as a consequence of intense or prolonged work. Fatigue is a human desire to stop working. The heart does not tire of beating; the lungs do not get tired of breathing. Why? Because the work of the heart and lungs is an alternation of tension and relaxation. This sum does not cause the fatigue. As walking and running: you can walk for a long time, but you can get tired from running. What does this mean? That everything lends itself to training and development. You can learn to run faster and longer; it is possible to learn how to emotionally withstand greater load and to solve mentally more serious problems without fatigue.

How to Relax from Mental Work?

Repairing is a process of gradual return of the body's functions to their original state after the cessation of work. As the recovery degree of fatigue is reduced, efficiency is increased. In order to restore your performance, you need to rest.

Rest is a specifically organized activity that relieves fatigue and helps restore health. There are both active and passive forms of rest. Active rest is a relaxation, during which a person does a different type of work. Recovery of mental work through outdoor activities proceeds and more efficiently than with passive relaxation. Thus, intense mental activity is better not be interrupted by physical activity.

We strongly advise you after 1-1,5 hours of work to do 15-20 squats or jump 100 times. In the morning you can jog for 30 minutes to wake up and start the day with a good mood. Keep in mind that you should be active, you should move. Better choose a ladder instead of an elevator and after two weeks you will see that your body became toned. All this will help keep your body in a good shape. Just do it more often, preventing fatigue.

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Organize Your Work

Now that you know about mental fatigue at work and recovering from it, try to organize your work and leisure. Do not forget that regular exercise has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and this, in return, affects the cognitive activity.

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