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Pass Your Exams: Some Useful Tips

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What is the most horrible thing in student’s life? What word can spoil their mood for a very long time? Exams are the obstacles that appear every year before students’ holidays. Here are some rules that will help you to pass your exams. There are some situations in your life when you come to your test without any preparations. Don’t worry – these five commandments will teach you to pass your finals and get an excellent mark.

Use Uncommon Words and Phrases

Not every examiner knows the meanings of the words such as aversion or cadence, this way he will never admit it. Prepare a small list of some very curios, unusual words, learn their meaning by heart and use them while answering. Your teacher will be very surprised hearing them. On the other hand, if he is a scrabble, he’ll be very pleased with your knowledge. Just remember that these words should deal with your topic.

Try to Talk if You Don’t Know the Answer

Even if you know nothing and can’t answer your question –don’t be nervous and talk! The worst answer is silence. You’ll have some time to prepare and pull yourself together. Then, you can start talking. When you have told everything you could, but your examiner is still waiting for you to talk – start from the very beginning but use the other words.

Play for Time

The exams can’t last forever. Besides, your examiners can have some personal issues, plans or maybe they are tired after your predecessors. Deflect their attention on the other themes, ask for some additional questions.

Discuss Other Subjects

Don’t lose a chance to talk about art, politics, environment or books. Before passing your test, you can find out the preferences of your examiners. That will help you to get the conversation off them. It’s not uncommon for students and examiners to end up their “meeting” with a discussion of subjects which are not connected with the tasks.

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Final Words of Advice

Even if you are not prepared for your finals, you’ll have to face them. The main thing is that you don’t have to be nervous and pull out all your hair. Of course, you may have good luck. However, your preparation is the best you can do before your tests. At last, breathe in deep and breathe out several times, smile and enter the examination room courageously.

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