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How to Write an Essay About Yourself?

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What can be complicated in telling about yourself? To do this, you do not have to learn additional materials. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Often, you will write such essays not just in college, but it can be a kind of a motivational or covering letter for the university or the job. Thus, examiner not only sees how you can express your thoughts but also learns what person you are. You think that it is nothing difficult to tell about yourself, but in practice, when you get such task, you may fall into frustration. What can you write in this essay apart from the name, date of birth and the place of study?


As in any essay, you need to begin with an introduction. Introduce yourself to the person who will read this essay. Here it is necessary to write the basic facts: name, date, and the place of birth. You can mention your family, tell about your living place, etc. The intro is a necessary part because it is impossible to start immediately with the main text. In addition, the first paragraph can indicate why you are writing it. You can specify the aim if it is a motivational letter.

Friends and Hobby

You should write about your surrounding and everything you are interested in. It will be surprising for you, but how you see yourself, what you actually are and how friends see you differ a lot. Write about friends and your relations. It will be interesting if you ask them to describe your personality.

Thus, you will get a view from the side. In addition, write about some hobby. Remember, uninteresting hobbies do not exist. You play the guitar – excellent, cross stitching – wonderful, you are the state judo champion – brilliant. Write about it, especially if you have any achievements.

Maybe, you are the volunteer in some organization. Believe me, this is very interesting. How many languages do you know? You cannot even imagine how much the reader will be interested in knowing that you, for example, speak not only English but also Italian. Perhaps now you are in the process of learning a new language, do not hesitate to indicate this. If this is a motivation letter, then for the employer this can be valuable or even key information.

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Personality and Motivation

Motivation is not an obligatory part, but it would be nice to mention it. The most difficult part is to write about your temper and abilities. In 90% you will describe someone you would like to be. This part of essay reveals you as a part of the team. Believe me, there is nothing better than the honesty and harmony with oneself. If you are always late, just admit that punctuality is not your strength.

You are not perfect, but at least you do not lie to yourself. To reveal your character, you need to specify three points: your typical state (excitement, melancholy, etc.), your attitude towards people (friendly, can find a common language, introvert) and work/studying (hardworking, punctual, reliable).

Sum Up

In the end, make a conclusion about everything you have written. For example, if it is a cover letter, write that you are a great candidate. If this is a usual essay, you may share your plans for the future. Important note: do not be afraid of being funny and honest. Dry scientific language is not allowed in such essays. This is the text about yourself beloved one! Make jokes, mention funny situations from life, but keep yourself in the bounds of decency. Do not be afraid to reveal your hidden side.

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