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Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Nurse Helping Diseased

Work in the sphere of healthcare demands a lot of efforts and hours, moreover, one meets with various controversial questions during it. Every day nurses have to do many choices about somebody’s life, well-being and so on: it means a huge responsibility and stressfulness. Average people, as a rule, aren’t aware of all risks and troubles of this job. In this article, the major ethical and law issues in nursing are presented. This material may be useful for students who want to enter medical school and still can’t decide if it is a right decision.

Truth or Illusions

It is quite hard to bring bad news, related to organism condition, for patients. The temptation to lie for making him or her feel better is huge. Nevertheless, it breaks all professional and moral statements and can’t be appreciated in the field of health care. That means hospital employees have to be always ready to speak clear to the inmates and be able to bring negative notes with equanimity and candor. The point is that person has to decide to tell real things to the patient or carrying about his feelings and lie.


Meeting with patient’s strong religious beliefs, which may criticize medicine and traditional way of therapy. However, often one’s life depends on it. Nursing has to compete with this ideology and make inmate appreciate care and medicines, but there are exceptions as well. Health care workers have to choose what is better to support patient credo or to urge him for therapy or surgeries.

Children’s Privacy

That is both ethical and law one; this is about making parents aware of kids’ health conditions. On one side, teenagers have a right to privacy as anybody else; they may keep secrets about some diseases, pregnancy and so on. Doctors and nurses can’t open up these facts without a permission of the patient. However, in several situations, it is necessary for young one’s well-being. That’s why nurses meet with the choice to break medical privacy or to keep it secret in any event.

At Hospital

No Harm

A well-known fact is that nursing task is considered be helping and carrying about inmate without bringing harm to his health. That may touch usage of new drugs which weren’t tested enough and may be dangerous but on the other side, it is the only chance to renew and stay alive for many patients. Moreover, this is a legal issue too, as nurses have responsibility for inmate’s health and if it gets worse after therapy, there is a punishment in the form of a prison sentence.

To sum up, nursing is full of different issues, and one should be ready for these before entering medical school. This job offers everyday challenges, ethical controversies, moral questions and so on. Strong temper, tolerance and patience are the major qualities needed for this job. It is not for salary but for carrying about diseased and poor for humanity motives.

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