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Tips to Be More Productive

Productive Student

If any task is completed successfully, that means that a person has evidently prepared good enough. Studying process also needs some good preparation, as you can be 100 times clever and hard-working, but if something distracts you, the level of your productivity will decrease. Here are 5 main advices on how to make the process of your studying not only successful, but full of pleasure.

Tip # 1 Find the Perfect Place

It should be a place full of sunlight and fresh air. It is better to study when no one distracts you, so try to find a place with as few people as possible. If there’s no such a place at home, you can choose to go to the library. If it is still not possible to find a peaceful place, buy a pair of good earplugs in order to decrease the amount of noise.

Tip # 2 Sleep

If you don’t sleep enough per day, you’ll have no energy to cope with difficult tasks. In average, a person should sleep 6,5-7,5 hours per day. It is also better to fall asleep around 10-11 PM, but not later. You should also remember that sleeping over 8 hours per day can be harmful to your health.

Tip # 3 Time Management

Try to plan your day, including eating and resting hours. If you study new material, do it no longer than 30-60 minutes and make short breaks for like 5 minutes. During your breaks do something, which is not connected with your studies. For example, drink a cup of tea, do exercises, call your friend etc. While preparing to an exam, you can use Pomodoro technique as well as answering questions out loud in order to memorize better. While making the list of things you need to do, try to split them into easy and hard, more important and less important ones. Try to start completing the harder tasks first and only then move to the easier ones.

Tip # 4 Get Rid of Everything That Distracts You

First of all, make sure your phone is off or you use it only when you really need it. Besides, tell all of your relatives and friends that you will be unreachable for some time. Make sure you don’t open your e-mail more than 2-3 times per day. Leave all your social network pages and don’t check those pages until your homework is done. Switch off TV or/and radio, because other sounds will only distract you as well.

Tip # 5 Rest

After 1,5-2 hours of work make a break for 30-40 minutes. The best idea would be to have a nap for a while or do some exercises. Another good advice would be to walk outside for a while and enjoy some fresh air.

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