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Bad Advice on How to Make Her Parents Like You

Your girlfriend has just texted you and told you amazing news – this weekend you will be meeting her parents! Feeling excited? More like nervous and uncertain of how to act, we suppose? There is no need to worry, as we are here to help you out and give you some hints, on how you should act to make them like you almost as much as she does!

Dress up

You should put on your most expensive suit, style your hair up with a huge amount of gel and take a bath in your favorite perfumes. Don’t worry if it takes too much time and you are late – you are an important person, they can wait for a while.

A VIP entering

Don’t care about any presents

If her parents are expecting you to come, they should get ready to the meeting, not you, so do not worry about bringing any cakes. There is no need to buy any flowers as well. What if your girlfriend gets jealous of you giving a bouquet to her mother, once you only brought one rose on your first date?

Imagine you are best buddies with her father

If you treat her dad as if you know him for ages, there are more chances that he will like you back. Forget all about the Mr. Smith, of course you can call him Fred right away. You can tell him a couple of funny stories about your relationship with his daughter, so he can share some about his marriage.

Be ready to share

You want her parents to know the real you, as the real you is the best person in the history of Universe. What can you do to make them interested? Try sharing your hobbies! For example, they will love you playing a bass guitar solo in their living room. After this you can show all your tattoos and tell a story about each one of them. What if your hobbies are nerdy ones? It doesn’t matter anyway, they will surely be happy to listen about every ship model you have, as you are an eloquent speaker.

Climb mountain

Don’t let the conversation become awkward

You don’t want her parents to worry about what they should say and what to talk about. Start talking yourself! You have a lot of stories, and if you add some jokes without making them speak, they will love you endlessly.

Don’t care about your girlfriend anymore

You are there to make her parents like you. She already does, so there is no need in taking her coat or filling her drink up. Why would you even bother talking to her? She can talk to you anytime; she can talk to her parents every day. Therefore, the most important thing is for the three of you to communicate.

Hopefully, you understand, that nobody should ever follow the tips above. They are here to show the most common mistakes and help you to never make them.

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