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How to write a thematic essay: main points to consider

The main requirement for thematic essay is to concentrate on the task: concept or theme. The structure of the thematic paper can be usual consisting of five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Some more purposes of the thematic essay are:

  • Recalling and reiterating facts
  • Call attention to critical ability of  the students
  • Connecting the theme with other possible concepts
  • Explicating the clear comprehension of the theme
  • Showing analytic abilities regarding various events and issues

The thematic paper is not the most complicated assignment. You will succeed by just following few simple steps.

Step 1. Addressing the task.

  • Check your topic and requirements attentively.
  • In order to make sure your work corresponds to the task you can compose a thesis statement using it.
  • The main idea of the essay should include the task; also, you must make links with it through your paper.
  • Make sure you are familiar with grading criteria and will be able to pay more attention to the points, which are important for you instructor.

Step 2. Brainstorming.

  • Make a list of all possible points about your topic, which are connected with your question.
  • Choose the strongest ones for your paper.
  • Select a side, which you are going or are able to defend the most effectively.
  • Sometimes opposing opinions may meet in the frames of one theme, so you need to select the one for you. However, you should understand the conflicting views and be ready for counterarguments.

Step 3. Writing an introduction.

  • The introduction of the thematic paper should restate the task and reveal the issue that is going to be discussed.
  • What is more, the introductory part stands for summation of the topic.
  • The last one or two sentences of the thematic essay should constitute the thesis statement – your main idea developed in the paper.
  • Sometimes it is easier to start with the main body as the introduction is a quite generic part.

Step 4. Developing the body paragraphs.

  • Main body of the essay usually has a number of tasks: providing your view of the theme, supporting your points with examples and facts, giving the details for each of them.
  • Here you can use your brainstorming list with the ideas about the topic. Try to bring them in correlation with your thesis statement.
  • Try to look at the subject from different sides and address various aspects of it in your paper. Check the relevant sources and include the authoritative opinions regarding the issue.
  • Remember to use transitions; this will add to the logical manner of narration.

Step 5. Sum it up.

  • The conclusion part is the one, which makes the reader remember your paper. That is why you should not leave it without attention.
  • Try to synthesize the components of the issue raised and bring them together with the restated thesis, which will create the image of completeness. Here you should prove you have completed the task.
  • Do not forget to re-read and edit your paper. Make sure there are no mistakes and the format and flowing are proper.

These were five easy steps that will allow you to succeed with your thematic essay. Good luck!

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