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How to write a research paper: Methods and tips

Studying is about not only learning some things from teachers but also about conducting the research by students on their own. That is why the research papers are a common assignments starting from high school. The process of writing is more complicated than writing an essay and has a number of stages. Here we will explain some basic steps of writing.

Stage 1. Select a topic.

  • Probably, you will be given a subject for your research. However, usually it is possible to reformulate the topic.
  • Shape it in the way the most convenient for you. Check next points:

-          If there are enough sources you can elaborate with.

-          If your topic is fresh enough so you can bring some new views.

-          If it corresponds to your subject assigned by the instructor.

  • Try to choose the topic, which you care about. This will trigger your interest and believe that will make your writing routine more exciting.
  • Do your best to be original. Do not repeat the topic of other students and keep the paper unique.
  • If you are hesitating about your topic it is better to ask for advice on the very beginning. Check when the professor has office hours and be sure to get the assistance with the issue.

Stage 2. Preparing the research

  • Dedicate some time to check the academic resources and see what they offer for your topic.
  • Learn how many sources (primary and secondary) are required and if there are any compulsory books or articles to use from your instructor.
  • Empirical research will stand you in good stead. Check the articles and scientific journals as they include the newest pieces of reading written on the basis of the expert’s practices.
  • Visit the library. A lot of books cannot be found online, which is why it will give you a chance to use some rare and valuable sources.
  • Explore online. For sure, this is the most comfortable way as nowadays you can even get access to safe and official educational resources.
  • Check which citing style you are to use and get the necessary information about the books, articles and journals from the very beginning.

Stage 3. Create the outline.

  • Not always are you required to include the outline to your research paper but, without doubts, this is the thing which will help you to structure your thoughts and plan the writing stage.
  • Determine the purpose of your writing. This can be the core of your paper as will help to identify why you are conducting this work, how its parts function and its place in the nowadays science or your personal educational process.

Stage 4. Writing the research paper.

  • Sometimes it is easier to start with the main body of the paper. Start with the key points and support them with the evidences you have found on your preparation stage.
  • All your statements should go with facts, explanations, evidences and your personal commentaries.
  • Conclusion is to answer the “so what?” question. Explain to the reader what your research has changed and why it is important.
  • End with the introduction. Now it will be much easier: just describe the background of your research and formulate the thesis statement – the core idea you have deducted.

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