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How to write a profile essay: 4 effective steps

Step 1. Learn the aims of profile essay:

  • Giving insight about the person you are describing.
  • If you are writing your profile essay explain to the reader who you are, your way of thinking and worldview, your approach to the problems, style of interaction with your surroundings.
  • Find something that will catch the attention and interest the audience.
  • Pick out the brightest and most outstanding features.

Step 2. Brainstorming and outlining part.

  • Think of as many as possible achievements you can name
  • Make a list of the experiences of different kinds you or the person you are writing about had.
  • Think about the conditions and people, which contributed to the personal growth.
  • Imagine the possible ways of your development and where and what you can be in 10-20 years.

Step 3. Writing part.

  • Select the focus and your thesis. It can be hard to write at large about everything that is why you should limit your subject in the most effective way.
  • Regulating your content will allow you concentrate reader’s attention on the aspects you want.
  • The brief focus of your essay formed in a sentence will be your thesis statement.
  • Remember that one of the main requirements is the logical manner of writing: the reader must understand the way of your thought.
  • Do not forget about transitive words and phrases, they will hold your paper together.
  • Tell about the personal experience. Do not say just what happened but explain how it did.
  • If you are writing not your own profile but an essay about some famous person you can use the citations of different sources.
  • In case this is your own profile you are allowed to write it in first person.
  • Do not misuse sentences and phrases: make sure every word you write is on its place and has sense.
  • Compose your paper in an academic tone and using appropriate language. No slang and jargons can take place in this kind of writing.

Step 4. Revising stage.

  • The editing and proofreading part is the essential component of the writing process. There is no way for completing any successful paper without re-reading and fixing it afterwards.
  • Give yourself enough time. You should read the paper after finishing it and at least one or two times in few hours or on the next day. Some new ideas can appear and the places you were stuck with can be easily disclosed.
  • It is a good decision to ask your friend to check the essay as well. The detached outlook can be useful and notice the weak places you were not able to see by yourself.
  • Be sure to get an advice from your instructor: never be afraid to do that as your interest and diligence will deserve appreciation.

Lastly, our advice is to be creative as you may be the one from hundreds of students with the same topic but should be able to express your singularity in it.

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