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How to write a process essay: Useful tips

A process essay describes the procedure of doing something. In fact, this kind of essay can be really helpful for the reader as he will be able to learn from your writing new things. Two main types of the process essay exist:

1)      Directional essay shows the way how to get some results or effects.

2)      Informational essay describes the way how something works.

There are some requirements for choosing the topic:

  • Don’t select the process that is to complex and you are not sure you can explain it successfully. First of all, you should understand it fully.
  • Do not write about the topic, which will not allow you to complete a proper essay but will appear as a manual. Thus, your process described should not be to brief.

A writing strategy for the process essay is similar to the common paper composing, however, it has some peculiarities. We have prepared for you some pieces of information about the special features of the process paper:

  • To start with, you should write a list with steps and describe all of them. Divide the whole process into basic parts and set them in a timely order.
  • It is important to make the process interesting for reading: do not just name step after step but try to be creative and add your own interpretation of the process.
  • Your title can begin with the phrase “How to…”: “How to write a research paper”, “How to get A+ grades”, “How to pass exams”.
  • Each of the steps written by you in the outline can be expanded to sentence, a couple of sentences, or a paragraph depending on how complex the step is.
  • If your task is to interpret the process include your beliefs, feelings, and understanding.
  • The description of steps should form the main body of your process paper.
  • After you complete it compose the introduction and conclusion.

The introduction is the part of essay, which is meant to attract the audience and catch its attention. That is why do not provide some technical details of the process here but point out the human factor: you may tell a story why you have decided to start some process.

For example, if you are writing about baking brownies your introduction may tell that how brownies helped to get the attention of your beloved.

  • You do not need to repeat what you said in the conclusion. You should rather summarize the main points or name the key steps without the details.
  • Transitional words are effective in the process paper: they show the continuality, order and connection of the components.

Revising part:

1)      Give your paper to your friend and make sure he or she understands the process described and would be able to repeat it in action.

2)      Read your paper few times and correct all possible mistakes.

3)      Check if your narration is logical and accurate. Do not include add information and follow the time sequence.

These were the main peculiarities of writing the process essay, which will probably help you to build up your own paper.

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