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How to write a literary essay? Writing guide and strategies

The purpose of literary essay is to provide a well-written piece of information about a particular subjects or topic. As opposed to opinion essay, a literary paper is concerned more with the subject not the writer and his opinion. One of the main requirements for the literary essay is to be well-written. In fact, it demands more sophisticated writing techniques and sense of language than other types of writing.

There are some main points to consider when working on the literary essay. They are a subject, structure, voice, and sense of language.

Tip #1. Subject

  • The thing, which makes literary essays easier, is the fact that they allow to choose any topic you like to be a core of your paper. It is possible to pick out either a narrow and specific topic (for example, the description of a street) or a general one – depicting a city.
  • Despite how wide or narrow your subject is your narration should be understandable for every reader.
  • You can conduct a research on your subject everywhere: web sources, books, articles, newspapers, or magazines.

Tip #2. Structure of the literary essay.

The structure of the literary paper is similar to all other essays organization.

  • First paragraph is an introduction, which is the part to catch the reader’s attention.
  • It should contain a thesis statement – a sentence or a couple of sentences expressing the main idea.
  • The introductory paragraph should also provide background information, which will be the foundation for the subject of writing.
  • Your body paragraph should develop the key concept by giving the supporting ideas and evidences for the thesis.
  • Each paragraph must have the topic sentence which will give a notion about the core idea of it.
  • The last sentence of every paragraph should be transitive for the next one as it will grant the logical manner for your writing.
  • The very last component of the essay is for conclusion: summing up the main spots and coming back to the thesis statement. You should prove that you have competed the task and enlightened the issue fully.

Tip #3.Voice, or manner of writing.

  • The literary essay is a non-fiction genre, which is why it does not require the formal and scholar manner.
  • Still it should be written in the voice of authority so the reader trusts that the author has enough knowledge about the topic.
  • The message you are trying to deliver to the audience should be full with details and specific facts. Be sure that this is a thing, which will trigger the reader’s interest.

Tip #4. Sense of language.

  • As it was already mentioned, the main demand for the literary essay is to be a well-written piece. For this reason you should dedicate enough time for not only checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also pay attention to the word choice.
  • Try to read your essay aloud and make sure it sounds beautifully and is different from the lecture or scientific report.
  • Nevertheless, remember that literary essays are considered to fulfill the informative function not an impressive one. So, try to keep a balance between enlightening and esthetic roles of your paper.

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