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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

The five paragraph paper is the universal structure for any possible writing. Such model can be used not only for essays but also for speech announcing or even for your answer during the class. If you follow this kind of format you can be sure that your response (written or spoken) will be full, supported and understandable. Check the steps for writing the five paragraph paper.

Step 1. Introductory paragraph.

The introduction’s purposes are following:

1)      To catch the reader’s attention

2)      Create a general conception about the paper’s plot.

In order to accomplish these tasks the introduction part should:

  • Contain a “hook” – something that can interest the audience. It may be a curious unknown fact, statistics information (numbers usually are catching eyes), saying of some famous person, or historical review.
  • End up with thesis statement. A thesis statement is one or a couple of sentences that condense your main idea about the topic. Make sure that your thesis reflects, explains, or deepens the topic you are writing about. Compose this sentence in a concise and clear manner as you are going to develop the idea throughout your paper.
  • Be transited to the main body with the last sentence.

Step 2. Body paragraphs.

1)      The first paragraph should be based on the strongest argument or the most illustrative evidence. The sentence you start it with must have the “reverse hook” that connects this part with the transitive sentence or thesis statement in the introduction.

Tip: The same as other body paragraphs this one should have the topical sentence – the one, which generalizes your understanding.

The last sentence is supposed to serve as a transitional link to the next paragraph.

2)      The second paragraph has similar structure to the previous one:

  • Topical sentence
  • Supporting ideas: examples, facts, illustrative statements, arguments.
  • The transition to the third supportive component.

3)      The third paragraph may hold the additional reasons. Also, it is possible to bring in the counterarguments which you are able to negate. This is the last part of the main body of your essay, which is why you should relate it to conclusive part.

Step 3. Conclusive paragraph.

  • A conclusion is the final component of your paper that is aimed to drive the reader from your specific claims to your general information and the significance of the topic overall.
  • It is ought to have the statements which are common with introduction.
  • Try to restate the thesis statement and synthesize your supporting claims. However, make sure you are not repeating the phrases and expressions.
  • The reader should not get bored of the replicating information. You must create the impression of the essay’s completeness: the problem stated in topic was successfully solved/ explained/ contrasted/ described by you and the importance as well as the future perspectives is revealed.
  • Your final statement should let the audience know that the discussion is completed and concluded.

Step 4. Proofreading and revising.

Remember to re-read your paper few times and make sure it has no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Also, check if it flows and your thought exposition is logical.

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