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Are You a Good Friend? 9 Signs

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Friendship is a significant part of humans life. But being a friend isn't easy task as friendship implies certain commitments from both sides.

Maintaining friendly relationships is more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Sometimes you have conflicts and cannot decide who is right. Frequently you don't have enough time to friends. Or they do not have time for you, which is more offensive. So, generally, it's not easy. We are sure that you often doubt whether you're a good friend. So, read our 9 sings of a good friend and make sure that you are one of them.


Your friends aren't afraid of telling their secrets because they are sure that you carry their secrets to the grave. Your friends share their feelings about something or somebody because they know you could empathize and give some pieces of advice.

You Feel Your Friend

You know exactly when your friend feels bad. It is not as obvious as it might seem. Only close friend can feel the mood of the other person.

You Are Reliable

Irresponsibility could destroy the very strong friendship. So if your friend needs you, you should be near him/her. On this point, when your friend can rely on you, it is a great sign of good friendship. So, think about it.

Friend VS Boyfriend

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Relationship with a boyfriend can destroy your friendship because you may not have enough time for the best friend. But it is significant to note that a good friend always knows how to keep the right balance of interests. Therefore, you know when you must be near friend and when you can spend time with your boyfriend.

You Always Return What You Have Borrowed

It doesn't depend on whether it is money or clothes. If you have a really good friend, it isn't a reason to use him or her. You should always pay attention to these details. It is very important.

Only Truth

You aren't afraid of telling the truth when it is needed. Yes, we think it can be a bit tough. But sometimes you have to tell your friend that this dress doesn't suit her. Otherwise, you friend may think that you have lied to her. As a result, she could stop trusting you.


You do not compare yourself with a friend, do not envy her, and do not compete with her. Good friends do not behave in that way.

Do not Pay Attention to Disputes

Your friendship does not suffer because of the small quarrel. Having different opinions and argument about it is a normal thing as well as trying to prove a point. Abnormal is to offend, angry and stop communicating due to small disagreements.

Your Opinion Is Important

Your friends come to you for advice in a difficult situation. And it doesn't refer only to studying. Of course, you can advise the best essay writing service where your friend could order various essays, etc. But your opinion is also important in more complicated situations such as relationships with boyfriends, family and other. This means that they trust you, and you have everything in order.

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