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5 Suggestions for Teenagers That Will Help Them Live Happier

Generation Z

Today, the world keeps on changing very quickly. That is why a huge part of young people find themselves lost in it. Here are some suggestions that will improve their situation:

Learn Languages

Initially, the competition will be held between those who know foreign languages and others. Foreign languages are Hindi, Chinese, Arabian. Soon one third of mankind will live in India and China. After those languages, Python, R, Ruby will be most requested because without machine languages you will hardly become successful in any profession.

"We" Is More Important Than "I"

Make an attempt to find people, with whom you share dreams not only to get rich, but also to climb a mountain, to play in the theater or to go scouting. Follow those persons who inspire you because inspiration is worth more than money. Follow some human examples and at the same moment try to be such an example to follow. Learn to listen and to hear. If you were talking more than 50% of your meeting with a person, consequently it was not a success. You spoke much but heard little. Also, it is obvious that you won't get to know a person if you are discussing with them only studying or work. Sports, hobbies, travels will bring you much closer to someone than one carefully circumscribed business-plan.

Discussing Business

Develop Empathy

Empathy is not only an ability to understand and sympathize with somebody, it is also a skill to dive into someone's inner world, to feel specific situation on your own skin. It can be developed. You just need to learn to look at the world with someone else's glasses and to take into account the stranger's point of view. Always take a good look at people's faces around, attempt not only to understand their motive power but also to know how to help them.

Learn to Divide Solid and Empty

Develop your own methodological skill of cognition of new and unknown. Take into account only tested information and tested friends. The solid in life is your ground, at the same time if you multiply even ten good undertakes on zero you will get emptiness in the end. Achieve more with less efforts, but check everything that you can by yourself. Especially when it is not rather time-consuming. Walk in, open, examine it, press the button by yourself, touch it with a hand, go up on an attic, look under the wheels. Satisfy yourself personally. There are no trifles, devil is in the details.

Do Not Be Afraid to Share

Remember that profit from free information sharing is bigger than the risk that someone steals your ideas. Someday greatest world's universities will make a free access to their studying courses, programmers will make available codes to their programs and government structures will give all the data which they were still hiding to masses. Then you will be able to learn even more than you can understand. So open yourself, too, share your ideas with others. Give more than you get and you will be astonished how rich your inner world can be. Just make sure not to do anything contradicting to your values.

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