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Gamification Apps


Gamification means using the approaches which are features of games in non-game processes in order to attract users and consumers, to increase their level of involvement into the process of solving tasks, using products and services. This approach gains more and more popularity, being used mostly in business, sports, education and finances. Still, gamification is gradually being introduced into other professional branches.

This article describes smartphone applications which can make a process of productivity rise more visible and interesting through the usage of gaming mechanics. They don’t take much time and efforts to understand them, but you’ll like them for sure!

  • 1. Habitica (Habit RPG)

    Creators of Habitica decided to help you get satisfied with doing everyday tasks. Writing a to-do list is one of the famous time-management tricks, though it seems to be boring for many people.

    The app gives you points for completed tasks, levels you up according to your experience, and fines you if the deal was not done. Other users can leave comments and feedback. This means additional ideas and motivation.

  • 2. SuperBetter

    We all have bad habits we want to get rid of and good ones we want to obtain. All in all, victories in this game are what is called self-development.

    The app was created by the gamification expert Jane McGonigal, and this is what makes the app interesting by itself. The program includes rewards and quests, that will help you open new tasks on the way to your self-development and good health.

    So-called secret lab is the place of a special interest here: you can track your progress and provide brainstorms there.

  • 3. To-Doist Karma

    This is another way to track your tasks’ progress and to increase your productivity. The app will be perfect for those who look for a very simple instrument.

    You gain karma points every time when you finish your task on time. If the task is not completed, you lose the point. There is a ranking system in this app, too.

    You can estimate your productivity by a visual graph that shows you periods of activity and procrastination.

  • 4. Epic Win

    This is an app for iOS and Android. It allows you to level-up your character by completing tasks. This app has a pleasant feature. You can use a certain attribute for every task:

    • Intelligence;
    • Willpower;
    • Health;

    This is a perfect way to see which attribute you develop the most.

  • 5. Doable

    This is a minimalistic app for iOS, one of the best programs if to compare with competitors. Its main feature: tasks have deadlines. The less days are left till deadline, the more persistent is the app.

    You can see the next apps, too:

    • Chore Wars
    • Mind Bloom
    • Fitocracy
    • Smarty Pig

    Test some applications and find your best gamification app for yourself!

Have a good luck!

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