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Finals Week and Its Advantages

Stressed Student

Exams time is, no doubt, the most dreadful period in life for every student. But is it actually that bad? Research showed that finals week has its benefits and here is a couple of them:

You Can Cry Anytime and Everyone Will Understand You

Only during this time nobody judges you for being a sappy mess. You can whine and cry anytime and, in fact, there will always be someone to give you a hand.

You Have an Excuse to Drink Tons of Coffee

Of course, your sleep schedule is ruined because of the finals week. You now realize that coffee is actually the best drink in the world and have a perfect excuse to drink it anytime and anywhere.

You Can Eat Comfort Food Everyday

'After all the hours of studying I totally deserve this slice of pizza' – this is your everyday motto. The finals are perfect excuse to give up on cooking and eating schedule. And nobody will judge you for eating chocolate in the middle of the night as they know you have a 'tough period' in your life now.

You Can Give Up on Your Cleaning Routine

You can assure yourself that you don't have any time to clean your room and it's okay to live a couple of days in a mess because it's your finals week. You have more serious stuff to worry about, right?

Breakdowns Are Okay

It's a common thing during the finals. You can get mad and angry with anyone and anything and again, nobody will judge you for it.

  1. Your beauty and gym routine can disappear. Suddenly you just stop caring about the way you look. Sweatpants and t-shirts are okay, right? And gym? Oh no, you don't have time for this stuff right now. You will take care of it later.
  2. You can sleep anywhere – library, campus hall, kitchen table – it doesn't matter as long as it's comfortable.
  3. You learn to appreciate every random thing because anything you do will seem more enjoyable than preparing for the exams.

You Learn to Accept Defeat

Suddenly you come to realize that failing a test is not the worst thing that could ever happen. There is a way out of this situation and your life won't end because of the failed exam. There is always next year and next chance to pass it.

You Learn to Motivate Yourself

'I will survive, I will pass it', 'Summer is just around the corner, I only have to study for a couple of days' – you repeat these phrases over and over again and this way learn how to be a motivated student.

This Is the End

Happy Student

Is there a better feeling than the realization that the semester is over? You have survived it and now you are free. You can be so proud of yourself; this feeling is totally worth all the efforts!

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