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Fiction Writing: Basic Tips

Fiction Book

If you have a great idea (and you want to share it with somebody), some free time and of course pleasure to do it – fiction is a good thing for you. Maybe, you have a dream to write it but you can’t gather strength to do this? You can find the suitable advice on how to write your fiction story. There are some good tips for a freshman in writing a worthy fiction.

Meaning of the Fiction

What does the fiction mean? To tell it briefly, fiction is an imaginary world of stories. Every story shows its own plot, heroes and morality. This world is always open to good readers.


Turn on your imagination. It’s well-known that imagination has no limits. Use it with benefit. More creative and interesting plot attracts more readers. Try to be original and don’t steal others’ ideas. Just be yourself.

Main Idea

Choose what this fiction will be about! Find out the idea, it must be short and clear for everyone. It can be made-up story or story based on the true facts. Add unpredictable moments to your plot: that will break the usual structure of the it. Think about the themes you like to read about and make up something awesome.

Make Notes

Outline of Story

It is not everyone who can sit down at the table and start writing a bestseller book or just a fiction. As usual, something awesome bears in your head while you are walking or traveling. It is always good, when you have a diary where you can easily make some notes for your future story.

Create Curious Characters

Spend more than one chapter to cover personality, behavior and traits of your main characters. The character of your fiction should captive the reader’s mind. Some fictions show the way how a rude, impolite character turns into good one. Your characters should also have their own history of becoming who they are.

Check the Orthography.

One of the main things in writing is to be good in orthography. No one can publish even the masterpiece if it is misspelled. Be sure that you write everything correctly at a professional level.


At first, you should decide what will your future fiction be: a short story or a long novel. Each of them has its own right size. Before your book will be opened by somebody, you need to inform the reader about how much pages and chapters are in the book.


Take into account the fact that you should write it every day, even if you are tired. A one-day break, as a rule, entails a break for a week. That’s why you can forget a lot of ideas you have had before. Find a calm place where you can create without any disturbance and distribute your force.

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