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The Exam Failure Fear and Steps to Get Rid of It

All our life we worry about things that might happen in our future; we are afraid of the outcome of our actions, which have an influence on our life; we think whether we could cope with challenges that we don't have. Isn't this strange and unnecessary? Surely, there is no magic spell that can blow all our worries away, but you can learn to control your fears if you take yourself together and follow the interesting technique below.

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Choose a challenge

In order to overcome the big fears you have, such as a fear to fail the exam, you have to start from something small. Sit down, take a piece of paper and think about things you have always wanted to try but were afraid. It can be anything: applying for a scholarship, starting a student's blog, getting your articles published, inviting someone out for a date or simply riding a roller coaster. Choose something you'd like to try but a little bit scared. Done? Let's move to another step.

Define the consequences

Think of all the possible things you will miss if you don't do them. Just realize that if you don't even try, the outcome will be almost the same as the one you are afraid of. For example, you write articles but you don't get them published in a magazine because you are afraid other people won't like reading them. Now let's look at it from the different side - if you never get them published, people will never see them and will never like them as a result. Isn't it the outcome you are afraid of? The truth is obvious - you have a lot more to lose if you never even try.

Define the success

Think about the best outcome you can get if you accomplish what you set up to do. For example, your published articles will become very popular, you will have a lot of readers and admirers and will be the first student whose works got such a popularity. If you always define your success this way and do your best, there will be no chance for you to get failed.


Do it

Now concentrate on the reasons why you want and have to do it rather than your fears. Imagine that there is no chance for you to fail; will you do it without any hesitations in this case? Just take it easy, pretend that you have to pass your exams just to have fun, to have a good laugh, to make a mess of yourself, etc. Treat your projects this way and it will help you to deal with the fear to get failed.

Everything is possible

It may take a lot of time and efforts to get rid of the exam failure fear, but with the right attitude it's surely achievable. This technique will no doubt be useful, but still you have to remember that the main key to passing all the exams successfully is the correct preparation. So, while trying to get rid of your fears, don't forget about studying. Just believe that if you always do your best, everything will be possible!

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