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Cheating on an Exam: Advantages and Disadvantages


The process of studying was never easy. During lifetime people grind away at their books in various educational institutions like kindergartens, schools, universitys, and they become harder with every step. Pupils and students always try to pass their exams with flying colors and all's fair during the final test. So, it’s not a mystery, why cheat sheets are so popular anong students: why should they learn boring material when they can just crib it? In any case, every medal has two sides.

Influence on Memory and Self-Confidence

First of all, it’s a well-known fact that during the process of rewriting information it is retained in your memory better than if you just read it once or twice. When you make a cheat sheet you can analyze and regulate your knowledge to fill in the gaps in it. Even if you don’t have an opportunity to use your crib sheet, something will remain in your memory and maybe you will not need your cheat sheet at all. The other advantage is your confidence if you know that fail-safe crib is in your pocket. Unfortunately, some students do not calm down, but start being nervous in these situations, so if you’re too sensitive – leave your crib sheets at home.

Variety of Cheat Sheets

On the other hand, it’s understandable that an education system is not perfect and there are some subjects being too hard to understand or even unnecessary. Sometimes you need to pass them at any cost and in this case cheating may seem inevitable. It saves time and nerves. Nowadays crafty students have invented hundreds of different cribs from so-called “bombs” (ready answers that are scratched on the piece of paper) to simple photos of the textbook on the screen of your smartphone. It’s possible to use even your own manicure for notes. It raises your chances to cheat on an exam successfully, because you’re free to choose the most convenient way.

Fingernails Cheating Exam

Be Careful and Watchful

It should be added that teachers know all these tricks too. Some of them take their subjects too seriously and that’s why cribbing is like a personal offence for them. You never know if you will be forced to retake an exam because of cheating. It can be only a threat, but risk is also high. You should decide for yourself: is it the best moment for cheating right now, or not? If you see, that everyone is writing fair and square – you’d rather do it too.

Decide if You Are Ready for This

The role of the cribs in the learning process is hard to underestimate. For some people this crumpled piece of paper has become a part of funny stories or unpleasant experience, others were able to pass the most difficult exam when they cribbed a friend’s essay right under the nose of a very strict teacher. Anyway, the presence of cribs in the inner pocket of your jacket improves your self-confidence. To use them or not to use – it’s up to you.

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