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Useful Tips on How to Plan Your Day Successfully

Everyday Schedule

Lectures at the university, homework… and after all you want is to spend some time with your friends, spend time on your hobbies or simply rest! How to organize your time in order to manage everything?

Here is a list of useful tips on how to be the best student and at the same time live your life vividly in order to achieve new goals. Get ready – you’ll need to work hard to make your dreams come true. The art of planning your day is nowadays referred to with a buzzword «time-management». Both students and adults are trying to master this complex science.

What Do You Need in Order to Do This?

The answer is simple: you need to learn how to create a plan for every day. What is even better: plan for a week in advance. You might say that all your previous attempts ended up with nothing, but the thing is only realistic plan will work out.

How to Create a Realistic Plan Then?

Rule #1.

You always need to have your studying schedule on a table with a list of additional courses you take or the sections you participate in. It is going to be easier for you to figure out which tasks should be done on the first place, as well as it will show you when and where you need to go.

Rule #2.

You can find a separate sheet of paper or even a notebook to write down some useful things you have to do around the house (like cleaning your room, helping mom with dinner or cooking biscuits) or things other people/relatives expect you to do. Think about what you can do tomorrow, the day after and during the weekends.

Rule #3. (The most pleasant one)

Create a separate list for your hobbies, summertime or travel plans. Do you plan to spend an evening watching a movie with your parents? Put it on the list!

Some Tips to Remember When Creating an Everyday Plan

Tip #1.

Think of the most important task to do. Do you have a test tomorrow? Or maybe you need to write a long essay or learn a poem by heart? Those will be your priorities, which you should do on the first place.

Tip #2.

Think about how you can help others. Maybe you promised your classmate to help with algebra or you need to do general cleaning at home.

Tip #3.

Manage your free time. How will you use it? Will you go for a walk or read a book?

What if There Are too Many Paragraphs?

There is nothing to worry about. Firstly, mark the most important ones with red color. That will be your plan-minimum. If you cope with it that’s already a success! When finishing some task put a special tip next to it or cross it out (that is such a nice feeling). In case all the plans are finished and you still have some spare time, think about other tasks for the rest of the week, which you can cope with today. For example, you might have a test on Friday. So even if today is Monday, it’s better to prepare earlier. Or maybe the situation is opposite and you haven’t finished your plan. That is normal, but you have to think about the reasons for that, analyze why it happened. Once you are done with the most urgent ones, postpone the less important ones for the next day. Another crucial thing to do is to look at your plan each evening and make conclusions. Soon you’ll create your ideal everyday plan.

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