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Your Drawings Tell More than You Think

Everyone of us sometimes draws something automatically, even without paying attention to this. You may make a small drawings while talking via phone or listening to lecture. See, what your drawings say about your personality.

Triangles, squares, pentagons

If you are drawing shapes with straight lines and defined corners, it shows, that you have concrete goals, you know exactly what you want and know how to get it. The only danger may be that being so sure and so concentrated on the actions you had planned, you may miss possibilities around you. If following the straight lines only, you may miss great curves the life offers. Maybe it is time for you to stop for a minute, to take a look around, and do something unplanned.


Circles, waves, spirals

Those drawings may show your deep concern about some matter, you may feel as you keep on going in circles around the problem and can’t find its solution. It may be time to look at the situation from the different angle. You should be careful in your communication with others as well if you are at the “spiral” stage now. Make sure you do not let your problems and concerns affect your relationships with the dear ones in the negative way.

Flowers and trees

Lots of flowers and other plants in the picture show that the person who draws them is friendly and open minded, he/she is in a good state now and is quite happy. The more details there are in the drawing, the more various interests and hobbies its creator has. The one who draws flowers loves helping other people and being useful. But if someone draws only the flowers for quite a long time it may be a sign that this person needs more care, more tenderness and attention from the dear ones.


Those who draw eyes are more likely to be philosophers, they want to have a deeper understanding of everything that surrounds them, they want to look deeper into the world and into themselves. The position of the eyes on the piece of paper may tell a lot about the one who drew them. For example, if eyes are closer to the top of the paper, it shows that the person sees a lot of opportunities in front of him/her and is happy with where he/she is at the moment. On the other hand, if the eyes are closer to the bottom, the person is not satisfied with his/her life at the moment, it may be a signal, that it is about time to change something.


Chess board and crosses

The picture of chess board shows that you are in the middle of the game with yourself and with life, trying to solve some problem or to find your own place. Most probably you don’t feel quite happy at the moment and are struggling trying to find your way in life. If you keep on drawing crosses, most probably you feel guilty for something. In this case you should talk to someone – either to the one who makes you feel guilty, or to the one who may help you to find a solution of the situation you feel responsible for. Don’t let the feeling of guilt ruin your life, solve the matter, move on, and start drawing your happy future!

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