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Living in a Dorm Room: Is It Possible to Make It Comfortable?

a dorm room

When seeing their dorm room for the first time most students feel shocked and disappointed. Then they start searching for ideas on how to make their future living conditions at least a little bit better. Is it possible to style a small room in such a way that everyone has space and privacy they need? Here are some tips that may help you and your new roommate make your living in a dorm room more stylish and comfortable.


You have to try to figure out how you can divide your room into several zones. Think how you can rearrange the space so it will be possible to have some room for different activities, such as resting, cooking, sleeping, studying, etc. A good tip is to look for compact and flexible furniture to fit in tight spaces. But buy things thoughtfully! There is no need to buy 3 different tables just because all of them are small and convenient.

Split Space

You can buy a very interesting thing that is called a room divider. It may be very handy in helping you to create zones in your dorm room. Besides, these things help both roommates to have their personal space and do different things at the same time without bothering each other.


Where else could you find more storage for different things? Try to find all the possible places where you can allocate a bookshelf. You will be surprised to figure out how such a small room can somehow pack in a surprising amount of different things.

Improvised Kitchen

Even in the smallest room, adding an armchair and a small table to the kitchen can create distinct areas for you and your roommate to have a possibility to do different activities without being on top of each other. Besides, a kitchen table can sometimes serve as the additional place for studying, especially when both you and your roommate need to prepare for tests or exams.

Modern Multifunctional Furniture

Nowadays a lot of different brands offer this type of furniture that can serve as a couple of items at the same time. Like a headboard that can transform into a table, for example. This will surely help to allocate more space even in the smallest rooms and will make your new home more stylish and modern.

Space for Studying

Okay, no matter how small your room might be, you should surely have a desk. Being a student means a lot of studying so this item of furniture cannot be neglected. This way you will not need to write your dissertation at the kitchen table or in bed.

A Wall Planner

You are thinking about inviting your friends over to watch a movie on a Saturday night, but your roommate has already invited their parents and is planning to have a family dinner this day. Situations like this are common when you are living with someone else. A stylish wall planner can surely help to avoid these cases and create time and space for everyone to do the things they have planned.

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