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What to Do If You Stopped Feeling the Taste of Life

All of us have bright days, when the sun seems to be shining for us only. We also have not-so-good days, when everything seems to be dull and joyless. Sometimes we should live through two sad days in a row. Or three. Or… Wait. You live like this for a while and feel you can’t (and have no power) to change this. Sounds familiar? Are you enjoying feeling this way? No? Let’s get down to business and change it!

Unhappy/bored person

Write Down All of Your Thoughts

You don’t need to make it a list or try to make it a valuable literature piece at all. You don’t have to try too hard in any way, just take a pen and paper and write, write and then write some more. You shouldn’t be bothered or distracted. You don’t want to be watched. You want to feel free and relaxed. What is the trick? Once you let yourself dig all the dissatisfaction out of your mind and make it into a text, you will be able to realize, what the problem is and what is the best solution for this situation. Once you have the proof that you have really thought about this, that you have really felt this way, you will find the way to make everything feel right.

Do Not Be Afraid to Spend Some Time Alone

People are often afraid to stay alone, because they think that alone means lonely. When someone stays on their own, they hurry to dive into the virtual world. Why is this happening? You are the only person, who shares absolutely all of your interests, hobbies and preferences. Why should this person be ignored? It is proved, that one should have at least a couple of hours per day to spend on their own. It is a sacred time of being free from social restrictions. Look at the list of things you can do:

  • Sing.
  • Listen to music.
  • Cook.
  • Daydream.
  • Dance.
  • Prepare Christmas cards for everyone, including the waiter in your favorite coffee shop.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is to fill your ears with the news and gossips about celebrities.

Making a gift

Get Rid of the Things You Don’t Need Anymore

Look around. How many times you’ve been thinking about changing something in your room? It is high time to start. You can throw away the old lamp you hate and get yourself a nice new one. Check how many pieces of clothes you haven’t touched for a year and give them away or put them in the litterbin. If you want your life to be filled with something new, it is your duty to free the space for it now. Your flat is the best place to start from.

Do Not Be Afraid to Feel

Sometimes a person is so afraid, that feelings will hurt or make them vulnerable, so they block them. But sometimes feeling is like some kind of medicine – it doesn’t taste good, but you need to swallow it all to feel relieved.

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